Training for Vegas!! And bad news at the same time :(

I’m starting training for the Vegas Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in December! However I just received bad news from my doctor saying I need surgery to remove a nasty bunion (people my age shouldn’t have bunions UGH!!)  from my right foot. She says its okay to run for the next few months but it needs to be taken care of soon. So as long as the surgeon is on board with a December surgery, the RnR is still on…keep your fingers crossed!

I’ve given myself one night to wallow over the fact I’m going to have another bunion removed…oh yeah I had one removed from my left foot about 8 years ago. Worst pain of my life. I’ve never experienced childbirth so I know this only somewhat compares but I’m still keeping this at number one on my list because after childbirth you get something beautiful and forget the pain; foot surgery only gives you an ugly scar to constantly remind you of the horrid pain.  Seriously after tomorrow I will only wallow a little bit…probably.

This is how I wallow

Tonight my wallowing friend was a California merlot 2009 Bohemian Highway. I’ve never tried it before, I actually bought it because of the label but I love it. It’s a wonderful merlot and I recommend it to anyone.


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