Brewery Tours!!

What a busy week it’s been! My sister was here visiting and I didn’t make time to get on and write anything…but here I am! Tonight’s blogging accompaniments are a red blend by Thorny Rose (another “ooh what a pretty label” buy…worked in my favor again. Score!) and some tunes by Mat Kearney, The Fray and Florence + the Machine.

Though I’ve lived in Fort Collins for a while I’ve still never visited all the breweries around town. There are at least 8 known breweries and one opening soon (Black Bottle Brewery…which is very close to my house so I’m even more excited). I’m not a huge Budweiser fan, I really prefer the local beers better, but the tour is free so I suppose I’ll check it out one day. I’m actually holding out for the Clydesdales to be at home before I visit. Since they’re a traveling team they’re often gone and it’s really a requirement for me to be there.

We made it to several though not all…which just means I’ll need to do this again soon 🙂

Our first stop was Equinox Brewing. My favorite was the Universal Porter.


Our next stop was Pateros Creek Brewing Company. They are a small brewery and don’t have a standard tour but if you ask at the bar they’re happy to show you around. As for beers the Cache La Porter was my favorite. If you can’t tell I really like dark beers, porters and stouts are my favorite. They were out of the Owl Canyon Pumpkin Ale so we tried a dark beer that had pomegranate in the name…for the life of me I can not remember what it was called. It was light to the taste and reminded me of tootsie pops. It was very good but I’ll definitely be returning for the pumpkin ale.


Fort Collins Brewery was next on the stop. I don’t remember the name of my favorite. We had the specialty sampler and the one I liked the most had a smoky taste. It’s definitely something you would drink at a backyard BBQ. I’ve still yet to tour FCB…they only have tours on Saturdays which doesn’t work with my schedule. One of these days!! Though it wasn’t on the sampler tray the Chocolate Stout is one of my favorite FCB beers. I’ll get it anytime, hands down one of my favorite all time beers.

Our last, but certainly not least, was New Belgium Brewery. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite brewery because there is at least one, if not more, beer that I love from several breweries. But New Belgium definitely puts on a show on their tours. They offer all day, every day which puts points on their side. They also offer five different samples. I don’t remember much about the samples other than they were excellent….keep in mind this was the fourth brewery so we’d had several (SEVERAL) beers before we got here. And the only reason New Belgium beat all the breweries this particular day was because The Waffle Lab was in the parking lot!! I seriously love those waffles!!


Due to some crazy bike problems we didn’t make it to O’dell Brewery or Funkwerks. I’ve never been to Funkwerks but I’m intrigued even if they do have Belgian undertones….those Belgians put anything in their beers.

So that sums up a day of beer…talk about a lot of beer. If you’re going to do the tours all in a row I definitely recommend doing it by bike!


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