The bug has finally caught up to me :(

I have finally come down with the sickness my husband has been carrying around the house all week. I’ve started today’s blog several times but my brain is a bit foggy. I ended up staring at the blank screen trying to remember what button to press just to check my email. So instead of writing a real blog I’m leaving you for a few days with a couple awesome videos I came across. Keep in mind my tastes are all over the board and these two videos are no exception.

So this first video is awesome because Chevy Chase is in it. My husband and I were watching TV tonight and heard part of this song on a show (New Girl…love it). I started singing it which led to the hubby trying to remember all the words and the correct title. I was right, by the way 😉 So naturally we turned to YouTube to find it and this is the video that came up. I love that Paul Simon wanders around for most of the video then sits and sings one line in the chorus.  I also never realized how tall Chevy Chase is….or how short Paul Simon is. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

Videos like this one are what made music videos awesome. The ones today aren’t the same. The simplicity of what these two do in the video is what makes it so great.

Now this second video is the definition of my weird tastes. It’s a live action trailer for a video game and the one for the game before it is equally hilarious. I don’t actually play this game and probably never will but I love how it’s marketed.

Unless you include the Zumba workout game as an actual video game, which I don’t, video games don’t play a huge part in my life. Not because I don’t enjoy them but because I rarely have enough time to spend playing. Coincidentally our Wii no longer reads discs and has pretty much become a Hulu/Netflix player so I can’t play games anyway. The only exception to this is when it comes to Modern Warfare 3. There is a multiplayer survival mode where you earn money for how many enemies you shoot. I’m horrible, too impatient and I’m all about charging into battle instead of taking the more cautious approach. I die all the time and my husband is constantly running around reviving me while trying to keep the mission going. I can’t say exactly what’s so fun about it because it’s a very violent game but I absolutely love it!

I hope you’ll enjoy these in my absence. I should be back on my feet, with a clear brain, in a few days!  Now if only Jay-Z would stop interrupting my YouTube viewing so I could find more videos to post! Enjoy!


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