Hockey….?! Hockey!!

Happy End of DST day! I love when I get an extra hour of sleep, especially when I have to get up at 5. Of course I still wake up several times throughout the night paranoid that the clock may have changed and now I’m on the wrong time. That actually happened several years ago. Apparently clocks are smarter now and have a DST button that changes it automatically. Not knowing this I changed it before bed and then it went back another hour at 2 am. It was a disaster and it was pure luck I happened to wake up when I did.  I was still late for work but only by 30 minutes. So now I set 3 alarms to reassure myself that the time is actually right. I sincerely look forward to the day I don’t have to work Sundays. Or I might just start taking that day off.

To celebrate having an extra hour we went to a Colorado Eagles game last night, the professional hockey team in Loveland. Actually we just went for fun but I like to make it a little more fun since I don’t have to go to bed so early! I love hockey so it’s nice to have a team close…or closer than Denver at least. Plus with the Avs being on strike we can still get our hockey fix. The Eagles are a good team and the tickets are reasonable. No matter where you sit it’s a good seat.

Hockey is a fun but confusing sport for me. And it’s not so much that it’s confusing, I just don’t know all the rules/terms. I feel bad for my husband for having to go to games with me. I’m constantly tapping him on the shoulder and asking what just happened. Or all of a sudden I’ll notice someone sitting in the penalty box and wonder what they did and how I could have missed it. I swear I’m paying attention but there’s a lot of activity and sometimes things going on in the stands distract me. Last night I was plotting the best way to rip the cowbell from the hands of the guy sitting next to me and beating him with it. He was too enthusiastic with his ringing. Very nice guy but annoying. Next Friday is Cowbell night and I can safely say I am bowing out of attendance.

I haven’t been to a hockey game in a really, really long time. I forgot how much I loved the environment! The sound of the puck being hit by a hockey stick is, strangely enough, one of my favorite sounds. It’s a very solid sound. Then of course…fights. Unfortunately last night there was only a brief one that lasted maybe ten seconds. The puck was still live so they didn’t invest a lot into fighting each other…only one helmet got knocked off. Maybe next time!

Before I leave I just have to mention this ad. We don’t have cable so the only ads we get are on Hulu and they play the same ads for a long time before getting new ones.

This ad is just weird. I now think of it every time I take my vitamins.  An adult woman takes a vitmain and all of the sudden an adolescent boy is traveling through her body to make sure everything is working correctly. Granted she has become a wooden figure but it’s WEIRD!!! Maybe it’s just me.  😛


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