I’m a nerd…oh wait I might be a geek!

My husband is a huge comic fan…Batman, Deadpool and the like. He and his friend go every week to the local comic shop to look through the newest editions. He has a whole collection of comic books that are all over the house. He’s collected so many that he picked up some special boxes from a different comic shop. Of course my first thought was…there are special boxes for this??? And you pay $9 for them? I just shrug and shake my head. There could be worse hobbies.

So I officially classify him as a geek. I’ve always thought this though…his shelf in our bedroom is full of Star Wars books and LEGO figures. There’s even a pair of Darth Vader earphones in my house…

Now I’m pretty OCD about things around my house. I love bright colors and abstract so it seems chaotic but there is an order to everything. The books on the shelf match in color, size and they way they’re organized. Every picture is exactly the same distance from one another and I have floating book cases that hold specific books determined by what’s around them. Like I said….crazy OCD. So when my husband brought home these ghastly white cardboard boxes I immediately freaked out. He has to keep them somewhat accessible because he goes through his books all the time. Which means that it’s going to be visible to my sensitive eyes. My solution…decorate the box! I love to scrapbook. It’s just an expensive, time consuming hobby. I don’t have a lot of room to do it so I tend to keep everything stored away and it’s a hassle to drag everything out so I don’t do it a lot. But for this…I’m invested!!

The box:


Dividers (for the comic hero and for each series):


It’s a work in progress and takes a lot of time and effort but when it’s done it will be kickass!

I’ve read through some of the comics to get inspiration for decorating and they don’t appeal at all to me. I do enjoy some of the movies and it’s neat to know some of the background stories but I’m okay if my husband just tells it to me instead of having to read it for myself. The new show Arrow is based on the Green Arrow comics which are actually pretty interesting. Plus the lead character is cute so I’m hoping the show develops well. So I’m not a comic geek but I do love me some Buffy. I consider myself only half-geek…I’m currently in the middle of season 4. I only have time to watch on my vacations so every 6 months I get a season done. Fingers crossed that one day I’ll finish!

Take time to vote today if you haven’t already done so.

Until next time!


8 thoughts on “I’m a nerd…oh wait I might be a geek!

  1. I love your crafty inclinations. I’m also relieved to hear I’m not the only one living with a comic-book die hard! He’s also a huge fan of Lego. He insists that the fact Lego sets can be so expensive, it must mean it’s still for adults :p

    • Haha! My husband would agree with that statement whole-heartedly. He is convinced that 8+ is put on the box specifically to include adults. The Lego’s intrigue me because I get confused by all the pieces and it is actually neat how it comes together. The comics?? There are no words 🙂

  2. lol, I definitely can sympathise. My guy is currently going through a cull of his comic books to only the really important stuff as he was not only filling rooms of our flat but his old childhood room at his parent’s house! Gah! In other news, I really wish home magazines would give ideas as to how to display transformers or Lego in an artistic way… it’s such a passion of his that I want to incorporate both our interests, without it looking like a toy room 😉

    • I wish they would too! I used to have our bedroom all elegant and pretty. But I had to compromise…either those Legos took over my living room or he got part of the shelf in the bedroom. I conceded – to one shelf – but I came home one day to find it was taken over by tiny Lego people. I can’t wait to have a bigger house so he can just have the basement. Lol.

      • I have not seen those before but I just googled them. I love it! I think I might get one for the holiday season! Do you indulge his habit otherwise? I can’t help it…it makes buying gifts easy. So this is all my fault, lol.

      • Not Lego – I can’t bring myself to buy it (except for the advent calendar, which is perfect for his birthday in October – plus, Yoda Santa!!!! It changes every year). However, I did get him an original cel from one of his favourite cartoons as a kid – framed, etc – which he loved and, actually, makes for a nice piece of fun artwork on the wall. And comics – I’ll get some of those graphic art compilations (entirely pre-vetted by him, of course – the last time I went solo I got the wrong book – it was the 2nd book in a 3 book edition). Plus, I *may* have gotten him a giant bubble maker as a fun stocking-gift for him this year 😉 Ah to see his face!!

      • I love the idea of a bubble maker. That will be so fun! I always have grand ideas of great gifts but they never become reality. I’m starting early this year so fingers crossed!

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