Mimosas make foot surgery seem like a good idea :)

This is typically me during political season…

Not because I’m not a political person (I’m actually very set in my  political ways) but because I usually know who I’m going to vote for at the beginning of the year and my decision is pretty firm. I don’t need either side trying to sway me in their direction the rest of the year. So fashion and my own social needs take over my life.

I only discuss politics with two people; my mom and my husband. My mom because we share the same views and my husband because we have differing views and arguing politics with him is fun and very lively! And I don’t have to worry about being defriended because of my beliefs. Other than a few random things you’ll rarely see anything political on my blog. I’m not concerned about changing anyone’s viewpoint and I honestly respect that people in different situations will have different views than my own.

And with that in mind we’ll put politics to rest for another four years. I’m just so happy the ads are DONE!!! On to better things such as….MIMOSAS!!!

The other day the husband and I went to this cute cafe called The Backporch Cafe.

It’s off the beaten path of Fort Collins, close to downtown but closer to the industrial (read: kind of shady) part of town. It’s next to Link-N-Greens golf course, just south of Fort Collins Brewery and across the street from Walmart. There’s no big signs advertising it, just a small entrance sign on the road. I spend far too much time at Walmart so I noticed it a couple of years ago. They’re only open from 7Am – 2PM and I work during the day so there are few convenient times to go.

They serve your typical cafe breakfast/lunch items but the food is good and the servers are very friendly. We had mimosa’s and felt fancy! At least I did, my husband could care less. They also serve Manmosa’s…a mix of Easy Street beer and orange juice. Odell Brewery makes Easy Street and it’s the type of beer you add an orange slice to so I’m intrigued by this combination. Maybe next time!

In other news my foot surgery is now officially set for December. It’s far enough away that I’m not stressing about it but as it gets closer all sorts of paranoid thoughts will start running through my head. I’m still taking the dog on short runs…around 2-3 miles but that’s about my limit. I have a high tolerance for pain but this is toeing the line on what I can handle.  My surgery is going to set me back 6 months; 3 months for initial recovery and another 3 for my foot to adjust to being normal. I’ll be able to start thinking about running again in June. 😦 Keep your fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! In the meantime I’m looking for upper body exercises/strength training and any exercise that doesn’t involve a lot of leg work so if anyone has any ideas send them my way!

I’m at work now and it’s about time I do something 😉 Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Mimosas make foot surgery seem like a good idea :)

  1. I’m SOOOO happy the ads will stop. I live in DC so I hope what I was dealing with was worse than the rest of the world bc it was horrible. I highly doubt it was though!

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