Little lady in the park after dark is actually a stupid blonde

I swear sometimes the stupid blonde in me escapes.

Good start to a story right? 🙂 And for the record I consider my hair color light brown so that when I do stupid things I can’t be called a dumb blonde 😉

I have been getting off work early this week so there’s plenty of daylight to accomplish things I normally can’t do once winter hits. W (as the husband shall sometimes be known) spends Friday nights out with his friends…at crazy cowbell/hockey night…so my plan was to come home, run with Zu, do a little Zumba, maybe have a glass of wine then head off to bed for another fun day of work. Yes, I’m at the point in my life where I go to bed at 9 on Friday nights. It’s not as sad as it sounds, I promise. Anyway by the time I made it home I was exhausted and not in the mood to run. So I talked the husband into bringing home burritos from a local Mexican restaraunt that has a drive-thru. LOVE it! My new plan suddenly became this: eat the entire giant burrito, eat some Oreo’s and lay on the couch to watch TV. I did exactly that. Until 7 rolled around and I got my second wind. So I got up and Zumba-ed ( <– I’m not sure that’s actually correct) and was feeling pretty good about myself.

The dog, sensing I was feeling energetic, decided to run around like a crazed maniac. Feeling guilty since we haven’t been out running this week and I haven’t had time to take her to the park I made the decision to take her. It starts getting dark here around 5ish so by 8 it’s pitch black. I hooked up a flashing light band (from one of our night races) to her collar and turned it to flash. Halfway to the door I stopped and debated about taking my cell phone. I normally don’t if we’re just going to the park because it’s close to the house. I don’t live in a bad part of town but I do live on the edge of a shady part. It gets nicer the further east you go down my street. Every now and then people sleep on the sidewalk the other direction and a few of the gangs hang out in our park after dark. So…..yeah I grabbed the phone. That’s the second dumb blonde thing if you’re counting.

We trekked the short journey to the park and I let Zu run around a little. I’m glad I had the collar on flash because she runs so fast I could barely see even that. As she’s running around I’m checking out my surroundings for any lurking dangers. Of course I spot people on the far east side of the park….the direction the dog has taken off running. So I run after her, trying to call her in a semi-whispered yell so as not to alert the potential gang dangers of my presence. Lucky for me she came running back. There’s a firestation on the west end so I engaged her in a game of chase and headed in that direction. Just in case I needed to scream for help I was hoping the cute fireman working out on the treadmill might come to my aid. We only stayed a little longer before I decided enough was enough when a couple cars pulled into the other parking lot.

Now I’m not saying these were actually bad people but it’s 30 degrees out and you’re standing in a dimly lit parking lot of a park after 8 pm and you have no vehicles around you except the ones that show up later?? I think it’s actually a combination of my job and too much crime tv that makes me wary. I’m not afraid to take someone on should they try me. I look (and sometimes act) like a stupid blonde, of average height/weight, so I come off as an easy target but I’m pretty strong and I know tactical moves. But I’m not going to expose my other side if I don’t have to so I try not to engage in muggings of any sort. And I could just be paranoid because a couple weeks ago on my way to work (o’ dark hundred…I leave for work at 5:30) I was stopped at a stoplight in the middle of nowhere. Huge intersection but that early, no traffic. And of course I get the red light. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see a young man appear out of nowhere and head towards my car. I start freaking out. Lock the doors, turn up the radio a little, pretend I don’t see him and pray that light turns green. Then he’s knocking on my window and I’m like “oh hell no” and take off. At work I chastise women all the time for considering letting strangers in their car and though I felt a little bad leaving him in my dust I am sticking with the 1% chance he would have killed me and stolen my pretty little car. Plus I was late to work (or actually it was my turn to stop at Starbucks and if I get behind schedule there I could be late) so I can’t afford any detours.

I digress. We managed to safely make it back to the house, encountering a few of my neighbors wandering around along the way. Apparently tonight was the night to be outside, maybe to enjoy the calm before the snow storm that’s coming this weekend. Who knows. I do know that playing Bejeweled on the couch is a much safer activity and I’m sticking to it from now on.

Until next time…


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