Blog moment of silence…then some humor

This is actually a sad post but due to honoring my career choice I’m acknowledging it. I will provide some comedic relief at the end. If you’re not a fan of sadness or dislike cops just skip to the end where I’ll bash them a little. Or skip it all together. No hurt feelings.

I work in law enforcement. No, I’m not a cop (I shudder at the thought) but I work with all members of public safety and I have many friends that are police officers. Every agency, officer, family member, dispatchers dread one thing…officer down. Yesterday an officer of a nearby law enforcement agency was shot and killed by friendly fire during a mess of a call. This makes it the sixth line of duty death in Colorado this year. I’m not going to go into details but I’ll post the link if you care to read it.

Blog moment of silence here.

Okay, done. See that wasn’t so hard. On to the bashing. All in all I don’t like most police officers but for different reasons than the general public. I respect the job they do but working with them on personal levels and putting up with attitude, crankiness and the like can make a person rip their hair out. No bald spots yet but some days I get close. I’ve had very few dealings with the police in the town I live….thankfully I don’t live in the same town that I work. One time was very pleasant and the other was just…well… I got pulled over in my own driveway. He followed me for over 1/2 mile and could have stopped me anywhere.

I’m zipping along my street, almost home.  I pass a cop but I’m not terribly worried. Only going 4 over the limit. Cop pulls out and follows behind me. By this time I figure he’s pulling me over but I’m not voluntarily going to stop. I’m by the book when I’m on the other end. 🙂 Anyway I’m actually opening my door to get out when he pulls in behind me and turns on his lights. So I get back in and wait.

Here’s how it went down:

R sits patiently in the car wondering if the nosy neighbors can see the flashing lights in their house. It’s dark and they were super bright.

Officer walks up to car.

ZuZu, in backseat, starts barking frantically at the strange man in black walking up behind us.

O looks at R most likely trying to telepathically tell her to shut up her dog.

R shrugs: Sorry, you might be a cop but you’re still a stranger. I’m not going to punish my dog for trying to protect me. She can bark all she wants.

O, lets matter rest: Do you know why I pulled you over?

R: Absolutely no idea. (Never admit guilt)

O: Do you know how fast you were going back there?

R: 39

O: You were actually going 40.

R puts hands up in feigned shock: My mistake.

O: Do you know what the speed limit is?

R: Obviously not. Okay I didn’t actually say that but I started to. I honestly thought the speed limit was 35. Turns out it’s 30.

ZuZu is still growling intermittently from the back.

O takes my license, etc and studies it. It is, naturally, chewed up from my parent’s dog so it takes him a moment. He asks: Do you still live at such and such address?

R looks at her house then back to the officer. The numbers are clearly marked. The street name is highly visible when you turn onto it. Now officers are typically trained to know where they are during traffic stops in case they run into any trouble. So either he just wanted to keep playing 20 questions or he just didn’t notice the street he had turned onto.

R refrains from saying: No I’m just here stalking the new residents.  Instead: Yes.

O: I’ll be back in a minute. Takes license, etc and goes to car.

I know what he’s up to and I just want to yell out “you won’t find any warrants…that I know of.” I chuckle at my own joke. I don’t think he would have found it amusing. I called W and told him to look out the window. He wasn’t that amused either.

The rest of the stop is pretty standard. I didn’t get a ticket, just a warning of don’t speed, new traffic laws, blah blah. I still see him hiding at places on my street but I do go the speed limit. Unless there’s a really good song on the radio then sometimes I floor it for about 1/4 of a mile. 😀  I just wave and wonder if he remembers me.

So that’s the end of crazy cop blog.  Hopefully your weather is better than our on and off snow/rain/sleet. It’s going to be a fun drive home…

Until next time.


One thought on “Blog moment of silence…then some humor

  1. Sometimes I don’t understand cops – I’ve had a similar experience, only I was definitely only doing the speed limit. Sometimes they like to flex their muscles, although I’d have hardly thought that suburban streets are their top priority when firebugs are lighting up the bush around here. Also, very sad about that police officer who was shot. Terrible waste of life.

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