Seeking treatment for serious Bejeweled addiction

I’m a serious Bejeweled junkie. I’ll play anywhere and on any platform. I like my phone the best because it’s small but I’ll use a mouse on the computer if it’s my only option.  If I’m in the zone I can barely bring myself to put my phone down to go to sleep.

“Just one more round, I swear.”
“I only got 50,000 points on that round. I’ll do better on this round then I’ll be done. I’m serious this time.”

Even when I do sleep I’m seeing little diamonds and triangles when I close my eyes. It’s like a Bejeweled nightmare that I’m powerless to stop.

No, green needs to go left. Left I say. Now move up!”
“There’s a string of 5, quickly now…oh no! The new batch of jewels took my red.”

I wake up and need to assure myself that I’m still good by playing a round or two…or ten. There are just so many different versions that it takes time to succeed in all of them.

Working overnights is where my addiction started. My job offers A LOT of downtime. If the criminals/citizens aren’t playing neither are we. So that means you have to find a way to stay awake. And Bejeweled was my answer. Then I decided I wanted to work during the day and entered into gaming rehab. We have a little more busywork and I couldn’t afford to have withdrawls.

But the other day was a particularly slow day and I happened to stumble across the app on my phone. It started out innocent. Yeah…I ended up playing for almost 12 hours. Okay not exactly 12 hours straight…I did do my job when necessary. And then I guess I did take an hour to clean out my email and download a book from the library. So maybe it was only 9 hours. That sounds better than 12. Right?? Ha!

I get a lot of hassle from some of my friends because I can play this game all day but I can’t take two minutes to submit a word in Words with Friends. They don’t understand that WwF takes a lot of thinking on my part. I’m a kickass words player and I tend to score highly but it’s only because I dedicate so much time to finding the perfect word. It’s quite a process for my to try every option all over the board to score the most points. And I just don’t have time for that 😛

I know…it’s a sad existence but its so much fun. Plus I’m pretty good.

I’ve been on the wagon for so long I’ve forgotten what it’s like to fall off….it’s WONDERFUL! And since I’ve made the insane, crazy decision to go BACK to working overnight Bejeweled is here to stay!

So I’m off to clean the house and then play one round of Bejeweled. One round, I swear.


5 thoughts on “Seeking treatment for serious Bejeweled addiction

  1. hahaha. That is a great game. I’ve been there sister! Only with Jetpack Joyride. That Barry gives me the absolute sh*ts – until I beat my last PB. Oh and Fruit Ninja. Oh my god. I got cramps in my fingers… then I beat my guy’s PB and he declared that he didn’t even like the game anyway 😉 hah!

    • I love how they become sore losers! I’ve still not played fruit ninja but I hear it is a lot of fun! I’m sure I could find a way to carve some time into my busy gaming schedule to try it. And now I’ve stumbled upon Angry Birds Star Wars and I’m hooked.

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