Just a nice walk in the park

I have been very lazy in my blogging this week. Sorry! I actually started this post last week with full intention of scheduling it to be posted before my crazy week started. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to write anything substantial and had it all planned. Except I forgot to actually schedule it….

It’s been one of those weeks where I barely have time to sleep. I’ve seen 3AM more times than anyone should ever have to in their life…that is, of course, until I go back to working overnight which is a different story because I’ll have been up all night instead of having to wake up to an annoying alarm. Anyway. My work has implemented a new computer system that affects the entire department (and 4 surrounding agencies as well) and is one of the biggest changes in the last fifteen years. And I’m using the term computer system loosely because it doesn’t sound like a big deal but this is a project three years in the making and after several big delays we’ve FINALLY finished. So I have been working extra days and hours. Let’s just say I’m exhausted. I went to bed when I got home at 7:30PM yesterday….that’s just a waste of a good Saturday night.

That’s just excuse number one. The second is that I actually did have some downtime while I was working but our city has blocked pretty much every website on the internet except Google news. And even those sites are iffy because if it involves any aspect of social media, shopping, sports, or fun in general you can’t access it. They’ve slowly been taking away things and trying to regulate network usage. Now suddenly even my insurance documents are forbidden. Up until now I didn’t realize they were so exciting that they had to be banned. So I made a plea to my boss that the city is being ridiculous and she agreed to find out what could be done. Because seriously… you expect people who work 24/7 to be content just staring at each other for ten hours a day? We’re already crazy, we don’t need to go insane. 🙂

So here is the latest debacle.

My husband and I must appear very friendly to strangers. Or maybe because our dog is adorable she attracts people wherever we go. Which isn’t a bad thing. But it encourages conversation with them and sometimes it’s just awkward. We’re not very social people. We can be but we tend to like our privacy. Actually a lot of it is me. I am socially awkward, probably because I spend so much time talking to people over the phone and not actually face to face. W is great at starting/ending/continuing conversations with strangers. He works directly with people on a regular basis. I, on the other hand, typically require an adult beverage or an overload of caffeine to loosen up.

And while people tend to approach us and have pleasant interactions we have just as many encounters of the strange kind. Just strange, no third kind….yet.

Yesterday we went out for a run with the dog…which eventually just turned into a walk. He’s still got a nasty, lingering cold and my foot doesn’t want to run anymore. So we figured just being outdoors, enjoying the last few warm days was enough. The trails we use are always bustling with people and most people are pretty friendly. We say hi or do the what’s up head nod and go on our way. That’s usually the end of it. Usually….

We’re enjoying our walk, chatting and holding hands. (Yes, we’re kind of cutesy like that. Only sometimes though.) The dog is prancing ahead of us. (She really does prance and she’s got this bushy tail that hangs to the right and bounces with every step. She appears very dainty.) We spot a woman walking towards us carrying a bag and some other things. We’re still a ways away from each other, probably twenty feet, when she yells out to us. Something to the effect of “I have to make a cake for this kid’s birthday and carry it the whole way.” We continue to chat but do a quick glance behind us to see who this woman is talking to. Since there is no one behind us we come to the conclusion she’s talking to us. She’s still talking and we look at each other with the “what’s happening?” glance. Zu is interested at this point because it turns out the woman is carrying a cake. Zu does a little jump with her nose in the air trying to determine if it’s something she’d be interested in eating. Maybe taking this as a sign we were going to stop and chat she proceeds to show us the cake and asks us what we think. Very nice, says W. Looks delicious, I tell her. The woman tries to pet the dog, which is okay, Zu loves being petted, but she had lost interest in the cake and moved on to watch a squirrel ahead.

We used the dog as an excuse to keep moving since she was prancing forward and pulling on her leash. I’ve mastered the art of escaping awkward conversations by just appearing confused and dumb then just slipping away when they’re looking the other way. That’s kind of what happened. I’m pretty sure she was still talking to us as we were walking away but I feel this conversation would have continued and I just wasn’t sure where it was heading. Maybe she would have offered us cake. It really did look delicious. I only had a quick glance but it looked like Funfetti. And I love Funfetti cake. But not enough to accept it from strangers….just in case you thought I was that kind of person. Really if I’m going to accept food from strangers it would probably have to be brownies…of the regular variety. 😉

And now I want to bake brownies but since I would probably eat the entire pan I think I’ll refrain. For now. I think I’ll go play some Bejeweled to take the edge off the brownie cravings. 🙂

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “Just a nice walk in the park

  1. Oh man there are some strange people out there! (the last with the cake, obviously, not you). Me and my guy are similar only im the more outgoing one. I don’t start conversations with passing strangers though. Although, when waiting in line at a restaurant the other day the family in front of us turned around to guess the shape of their blobby green cake. Turns out it was Tasmania. So maybe its cake people specifically who are a little unhinged – all that sugar…

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