Black Friday Extravaganza except it’s on Thursday!

Well we’ve survived Thanksgiving. The day was fairly uneventful. The citizens did a fantastic job keeping the disruptions to a minimum; just a couple of oven fires and some family disturbances.  We managed to watch Brave (which is so cute) and two football games without interruption.

Later the hubby and I braved the crowds and went to Walmart. I can’t really say why other than we had nothing better to do. It’s only the second time we’ve gone out for Black Friday sales; the last time was a couple years ago when KitchenAid mixers were on sale. Those are definitely worth fighting people to get one. And I’m willing to fight…I won’t go down easy. 😉 Yesterday was calm though. I had to elbow a few people out of my bubble and I only ran over one annoying juvenile. To be fair I had given him several warnings that if he didn’t quit stopping in front of my cart (the aisle was wide open in front of him) I would eventually hit him.  So…..he had it coming.

Our super exciting night ended with us watching the cat play on the iPad…

…and watching 80’s videos. Thanks to a fellow blogger’s recent post (shout out to Hipster, Begone) I’ve been on an 80’s kick. Not that this is unusual but lately I’ve been a pop queen so it’s nice to return to my roots.

This had absolutely no relation to our conversation about obsessed shoppers but the hubby started singing it which meant we had to find out what the actual words were which led us to the video. Typical 80’s. I love the blue dress and kind of want to throw an 80’s party just to wear it.

Lovin’ the hair guys.

Still one of the best movies ever.

I think that’s enough for now. There’s plenty more where that came from. And speaking of 80’s there appears to be a retro soap opera playing in the background while I work. There’s tuxes with rhinestones and a wedding dress with big puffy sleeves and best of all bright blue eye shadow. My favorite 😉

Until next time.


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