Noguiltever (and I borrowed this title so you have to read this post)

As I was perusing my fellow blogger Hipster, Begone‘s recent posts I realized she had stumbled onto a great idea. Noguiltever. To understand the concept check out her post here. (Seriously, go read it because I stole the title of her post for my own selfish postings). It got me thinking (it took quite a bit of effort too) about the things I consider guilty pleasures. Some of them are widely known among my friends, especially my husband who inevitably gets to experience all of them just by being near me but others are just my crazy notions. I’ve made up a list of my favorites.

  • I sing like I’m a rock star when I’m in the car… and home… and shower (and so on). But especially in the car. I’ve even been know to use my water bottle as a microphone. 80’s love ballads are the best but I’m not above singing pop. Opera makes an appearance every now and then as well.
  • If given a box of Hot Tamales or Milk Duds I will eat the entire box in one sitting, regardless of size.
  • I love FRIENDS. To me there will never be another show that beats it. I watch it when I’m sad, happy or sick. I can recite the episodes by heart, much to the chagrin of my husband. Without fail I cry every time I watch the last episode.
  • I spent the entire summer singing along with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and I still yell (because at certain volume levels it can’t be considered singing) along with Karmin’s “Brokenhearted.”

Names blocked to protect the innocent victims of my singing 😉

  • I will sleep until noon if given the opportunity.
  • I actually love to play video games. The LEGO games are my favorite followed closely by Modern Warfare 3 (recall the earlier post). Then of course Wii Resort and Animal Crossing, maybe some Cooking Mama…..okay, you get the point. And you also see why I don’t play them. I would never stop.
  • I buy a lot of books with no intention of ever reading them. They have pretty colors and I’m attracted to the cover.
  • I dress my dog up in silly costumes, sweaters and boots. Yes. I am that person. She even has a raincoat.
  • I dislike white trash reality television with a passion. Seriously Jersey Shore? Teen Mom? Toddlers and Tiaras? How did this become so popular?!?
  • Yet I actually did watch The Girls Next Door when the original 3 were on it. That’s my in-the-closet reality tv. There is absolutely no justification for this one. I’m not a hypocrite only because I say I’m not 😉
  • My outfits always have a matching color scheme. Socks, shoes, underwear, shirts, ponytails, gloves, scarves…they all match. I even have frames in brown and black if I need to wear my glasses. No wait….that’s actually OCD, not a guilty pleasure.

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