Taylor meets Lindsay and we all live happily ever after

Alleged assaults!

Racial insults!

Drinking while driving and then crashing your car and lying about it!

I love the new Lindsay Lohan drama. She is such a hot mess. And not in a good way (it is possible to be a cool hot mess).

She does not have a friend who cares.

She does not have a friend who cares.

This is my favorite article so far and only because Brian Littrell was my dream husband when I was a teenager and obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. The other reason it intrigues me is because I’m curious as to why his opinion is relevant.


Sorry, sorry. I digress. This girl is out of control. I understand the whole celebrities get different treatment thing but when will these judges wake up and realize this crazy chick is not going to stop?

Since they’re not taking this matter seriously I’ve come up with the solution. I think sweet little Taylor Swift should adopt Lindsay and they should live together. Now I know in the beginning it would be rough. Lindsay’s drug addiction would probably test Taylor’s seemingly patient personality (note the emphasis because hey, you never know, she could be a raging maniac). And Lindsay might be worried about the string of men Taylor seems to go through but she has nothing to fear from Taylor’s exes because as we all know she’s never, ever, ever getting back together with them.

But I have faith that eventually Lindsay would come through her withdrawls with flying colors and become the annoyingly, sweet girl she could have been.

Isn’t she sweet?


See how sweet she used to/could have been?

See how sweet she used to/could have been?

Her career might be over by that time because no one in their right mind should employee her but at least she’d be drug free. Maybe she could get a job at Jamba Juice.

Of course Taylor does have a few things to consider. How many wrecked cars can she afford? Is she willing to put up with a few assaults? If she’s on board with this then I’m positive this is the right solution. Then the two young women could sing fiesty songs about scorned former flames and become the next hit pop sensation. Hey look, I found a new job for Lindsay 🙂

Another side note of celebrities…does anyone else find Kesha’s* songs really annyoing at first but then suddenly find yourself singing her songs even though you’ve never heard the whole song? This happens to me a lot. Her song will be on EVERY radio station all hours of the day so I hear snippets of every verse and even though I try really hard not to I find myself singing along.

*You’ll notice that I didn’t put that ridiculous dollar sign in Kesha’s name. From here on out for any posts that involve her it will be absent.

So until next time or at least until Lindsay screws up again.


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