A Charlie Brown christmas

I’m posting twice today in the spirit of holiday decorating. My friend* decorated our workplace for Christmas and it has to be shared with Christmas lovers. It’s a little ghetto but if you remember any of my earlier posts you know I associate with a lot of ghetto areas. It seems to be a reoccurring factor in my life.

We really need plug-ins on the ceiling.

We really need plug-ins on the ceiling.


You can’t tell from this picture but at night it’s very ambient.

And last but not least our Charlie Brown tree.

Charlie Brown

It’s constantly at a tilt as if it might topple at any moment.

We also keep a shout-out board to keep track of fun calls or information in general. This is our latest.

Shout out board

The penguin and tree are my own works of art. I’m very proud of them.  Since Doomsday is quickly approaching we thought it appropriate to count down. It’s like waiting for a full moon; people will start to get crazy. Does anyone else have a Doomsday countdown? 😉

*Be sure to check out her blog Passport Must Travel. It is a wonderful blog about the travels & missions she and her family have experienced.


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