Hello world. I’m back!

Or so I think I am. I haven’t been in a writing mood so I’ve elected to remain on hiatus but I can’t sleep….so this post is going to be a little mix of narcotics and sleep deprivation. I’m only going to vent in the beginning…I think…and it’s only because it makes me feel better and right now I’m being selfish enough to make that my highest priority.

The last ten days have been awful and I’ve been one cranky lady. Anyone out there who has ever had or needs to have foot surgery (bunion or not) I give my ultimate respect. Somehow over the last eight years I forgot just how horrible it is. Coincidentally my uncle had surgery on his right foot the day after mine. We’ve spent time on the phone commiserating over our troubles. As they say misery loves company.

As my uncle says, “It looks like a carpenter accidentally dropped screws on your foot.”

AHHHHHH!!! That’s the mental scream I’ve been wanting to do. I’m just going to vent a little… I haven’t decided what I hate the most. Foot surgery in general sucks, temporary sciatica creating numbness in arms and legs, new found allergy to pain meds, crying, nausea, lack of sleep, being unbalanced (physically and only somewhat mentally but I blame that on no sleep…) and a giant cast over a foot full of screws; one of which I’m pretty sure is sticking out of my foot.

Over the last week I’ve had a few people ask what a bunion is, which surprised me because I just assumed everyone knew. I guess when one learns they have a bunion at age 13 they just assume everyone grew up with that information. So for those who don’t know a bunion is when the bone of the foot grows out causing the big toe to point towards and often grow behind the other toes. This is the most typical but sometimes they grow on the little toe, known as bunionettes which sounds cute but trust me, it’s not. For the medically interested here’s what Mayo Clinic says about bunions.

Most doctors say the cause is from ill-fitting shoes but in my case it’s genetics. Not loving the family when it comes to this. Majority of cases are corrected by a simpler surgery that lasts 10-15 years and people tend to chose it because they aren’t thinking of running marathons. Since I am a runner I chose the more advanced surgery that should (fingers crossed) last my lifetime. It takes longer to heal because they cut my bone in 3 places and then fused it back into my foot. I almost threw up when I saw the x-rays for the first time, the size of those screws scares the hell out of me! I am pretty sure W has built things with screws just like that. It’s as if they ran out of normal screws and called the incoming staff to swing by Home Depot on their way in.

As I’ve said before anything I do usually includes complications or debacles of some sort. This was no exception. My surgery was in the morning which meant we had to be at the hospital dark and early to get checked in. As we waited the surgical waiting room filled with people just like me. It’s a very good place to people watch. Although if you’re the one scheduled for the surgery you’re probably seriously considering jumping over the railing and making a break for it. It crossed my mind a few times. When we finally made it in to pre-op it was discovered I had a low-grade fever and there was the possibility of the surgery being cancelled. After being inspected by a series of nurses, my doctor and the anesthesiologist they determined it was probably stress induced and started me on IV fluids to help bring down my temperature. It worked but the surgery was delayed and only increased my anxiety. Once the sedatives kicked in I was all words though, chatting with my OR nurse and the anesthesiologist. They just let me ramble on and on until I finally passed out. Everyone was probably thankful.

From there it went a little like this: woke up, felt a little sick, was itching like crazy (which I’d later find out was an allergic reaction to the narcotics), convinced Wayne that I needed an Oreo Blizzard for the drive home, ate a couple bites and spent the rest of the drive home trying not to throw up. At home I camped out on the couch with FRIENDS playing in the background and slept for the next 5 days. There were several setbacks, the biggest being the need for stronger pain meds because mine weren’t helping and getting them is not an easy task.

Nap with friends

ZuZu and Roma sleeping with me.

My toe covers came in handy with the ice being on my foot.

My toe covers came in handy with the ice being on my foot.

Christmas was very low key, something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Merry Christmas!

Between naps Wayne and I played games and watched Christmas movies. And this happened…

Christmas feet on drugs

I should point out the good things. I’m keeping an open mind, looking for the silver linings, all those clichés. Having a handicap permit is awesome. I’ve only been out a couple times so far but I know it’s going to come in handy 🙂 Despite the pain, sleeping for days is wonderful and several naps a day is acceptable. I’ve caught up on most of my word games; I don’t remember playing them but I’m winning so I won’t complain. There are more but….I can’t remember them.

All in all I’m thankful for the surgery to correct my awful feet; again a pox on the family member who gave me these. I’ve cursed my doctor several times (especially after he asked Wayne if I was thinking of having the other foot re-done. Unfortunately my other surgery was the simple one.) but the pain has lessened and if the bruised toes and itching on the wound are any indication the healing has started. The road is long (you can start singing He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother any time now…), I’ve still got 9 weeks left but I’ve learned how to get around on crutches and I have my balance back. My only problem now is I can’t sleep. So if you find random posts or posts of stupidity that’s my excuse…at least for the next few weeks. After that it’s probably just my normal weirdness.

A lot of the people who read my blog have helped me through a hard time and I want to make sure they know how much I appreciate it. So a few shout outs.

First to my husband for the being the greatest person on Earth. He stayed by my side for 5 days and helped me through the sickness, the crying fits and the demands I made in between sleeping. Also for forgiving me the many times I accidentally whacked him with my foot (both normal and club) or with my crutches when I was reaching for them in the dark. I wouldn’t have made it without him. My family for calling me every day and giving me sympathy but also humor to see the light in the dark. To my friends for baby-sitting and feeding a cranky adult when Wayne had to go back to work and especially to NonstickBarley for talking with me at 3 in the morning so my husband could get some much needed rest.

See you in 2013. Happy New Year!


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