Mr Worldwide needs some new slang

The other night I subjected W to listening to Havana Brown and Pitbull’s song “We Run The Night.”

It’s very catchy and unfortunately (for W at least) the only song on the iPad. Around the third time of listening, W brought to my attention that Pitbull refers to himself as Mr. Worldwide in almost every song. It always surprises me the random knowledge my husband has in his brain. Having never paid much attention to this before I set out to see if it was true. Tuning in to the Pitbull Pandora channel we spent the night rocking out to rap songs. I’m not a huge fan of rap but I try to keep an open mind to music which comes in handy when listening to Pandora. Let’s just say we learned some interesting things from rappers. As it turns out Pitbull does refer to himself as Mr. Worldwide in almost all of his songs, even the ones on my Zumba games. Now I’ll never listen to a Pitbull song without listening for the two important words and you really have to listen to the whole song to play this game.

You also have to be bored to come up with games like this. Or in my case, limited to the types of items you can carry around with you. I’ve been lacking in my posts because  while the iPad is easy to tote around but I am not a fan of posting from any Apple product. I prefer to use my laptop but it’s a bit clunky and doesn’t fit in my crutch bag. There’s also the matter of lacking creativity. I think watching hours after hours of television has finally killed my brain cells. Our television hasn’t been on this long in a really long time, I’m afraid of what our electric bill will be but I can proudly say I’m almost done with the Buffy series. Only one season left! Now that may not be exciting to most people but I’ve been trying to finish this series for a year and it’s become a goal of mine. Plus it’s just a good show; I even have W hooked. As for the other things on my list…

  • Finish Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Almost there!!
  • Read Fifty Shades of Grey and those other two.   I have the books; that’s a start.
  • Watch all the Harry Potter movies. Maybe I’ll throw in Lord of the Rings too.
  • Finish W’s comic book box.  It’s not finished by I’m actually working on it.
  • Sleep an entire day.   Or five…
  • Take up knitting.   This is still on the agenda, just need some help from my mom.
  • Finish said knitting project.
  • Have a Disney movie marathon with a toddler. This was lots of fun, we sang and danced (in a seated position) to all the movies!
  • Actually play my Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends and Draw Something.

A few other things I’ve watched

  • 6 seasons of FRIENDS
  • 3 seasons of The Clone Wars
  • Both seasons of Downton Abbey and now on to the new season!

See what I mean about killing my brain cells? Television just happens to be one of the few things a person can do when they’re on temporary bed rest. Good news though…now that I have my beautiful pink cast I’m able to walk around a little. I still need to use my crutches but I can put pressure on my foot which means I’m able to stand for a short period of time. I even did the dishes and some laundry the other day. I never thought the day would come when I would miss doing housework.

I love pink!

Can you tell I love the color pink?

Pretty pink!

My toes have their own little protective shell

This will probably be the last post for another week or two. I have family visiting next week and I’m very excited to see them! So until next time.


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