And in the exciting world of Ruby…

I realize I have been beyond lacking in the blog posting world. Honestly it’s because I have done absolutely nothing that people want to read about. Anyone who has read the few posts I’ve published knows that my life for that last six weeks has consisted of watching way too much television and reading trashy books. I sincerely hope something exciting happens soon because my life has been a little sad. But for the sake of posting here goes nothing.

My mom and uncle came to visit a couple weeks ago which was a lot of fun. It was a mellow visit which is nice when one can’t play hostess. By random coincidence my uncle had foot surgery on his right foot as well. It was an amusing sight to see when we were in public…it was like a mentor program where W and my mom were taking the hobblers out for their daily outing. 😉 I was adamant on telling people it was a bear attack but in the end we just told people it was a coincidence.

I was supposed to return to work this coming Tuesday but it turns out my doctor has reservations releasing me without seeing me. A friend recently asked if I was bored out of my mind yet and at that moment I was pretty content to live the life of laziness. There’s a never ending selection of tv and books out there and I’m finally at a point where I can manage without my crutches for short periods of time. Shortly after that conversation I found out I was out for one more week and truth be told I was a little disappointed (but only a little). I was looking forward to seeing my friends and co-workers again and to be back into my life routine. I’m not sure how but I’ve managed to cope with the fact that I’m taking an extra week off.

Let’s see…other exciting things I may have done. I saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, in 3D no less. I must say there’s nothing quite as spectacular as seeing blood and guts coming at you from the big screen. Actually that’s a lie, it’s quite disgusting. But the movie is interesting enough; a little bit of humor, lots of blood and guts so if that’s your thing this is your movie. Plus the main actor is pretty cute and anyone who knows me well knows I judge most of my shows and movies by if the actor is hot or not.

And now for a random thing. While surfing Facebook I was checking out The Taco Stop’s page and they had shared my blog! So just to reiterate my love for them: if you see their stand in downtown FoCo check them out, they have delicious tacos!

On to the best news though: MY CAST COMES OFF FRIDAY!!!! I’m excited to see how my foot has healed and fingers crossed that all x-rays have only good things to show. (Here’s also hoping I don’t pass out during this visit.) We’re down to the last 5 weeks!

I think this sums up enough for now. I’ll have more in the coming weeks so be patient for just a while longer 🙂 And Wednesday’s videos should resume either this week or next. Surprisingly I have only surfed the internet once or twice the whole time I’ve been out.

Until sometime in the future.


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