The Day The Music Died

Today is the Super Bowl…which means absolutely nothing to me this year. My interest died when the Packers lost to the 49er’s and this ultimately means the little support I’m giving out goes to the Ravens. Plus I have such fond memories of my recent trip to Baltimore (including almost being mugged but that’s a story for another day) so GO RAVENS!!

On to the important things. Today is the day the music died. If you don’t know what I’m referring to go google it now…… Back? Good. The events of 54 years ago led to the writing of my all time favorite song. There will always be a favorite of the week or summer but this one wins hands down, top of the charts, favorite every time.

People often question why it’s my favorite song since it was written years before my existence. The answer is simple: it is the first song I remember hearing and learning the words. I remember being in Wisconsin in the family station wagon. It was raining and someone, maybe me, had a Packers shirt or sweater on. The song came on the radio…and that’s all I remember from that memory. But every time I heard it after I picked up new words and it became my favorite.

It’s also an example of good music. Every single line has a meaning that ties the song to the era which it came from. I’m not ashamed of my love for pop or rap music but this defines music on a different level. We have to remember where it comes from. And at the risk of sounding strangely sentimental about music I digress…

It’s a long song but its catchy. W has to endure me belting it out EVERY time I hear it. I usually will stop what I’m doing to sing. There’s even a scene in FRIENDS where Phoebe and the diplomat sing it, not in English, but there’s no missing it. My two favorite things wrapped up nicely in a 30-second scene.

And now for my favorite thing that happened this week! My cast is history!! Unfortunately it was replaced by a big, clunky, and super ugly boot but I’ll take it any day. I’m not required to sleep in it which makes sleeping an interesting event. My foot and ankle are swollen, the sutures are still not completely healed and its just generally weak. It’s been in protective custody for 6 weeks and suddenly it can come out. The surgery is far from cheap (thank God for insurance) and I didn’t just go through everything to screw it up now. The first night it took me an hour to work up the courage to undo the Velcro straps then another to actually move my foot an inch. By this time I’d gained the attention of both cats who were investigating the smell of my foot and boot (not pretty), making me paranoid and nervous. Finally W gave me an ultimatum: quit whining and take it off or keep it on but don’t complain about being uncomfortable. He’s such a sweetheart sometimes…but he was right. The doctor wouldn’t let me do it if he didn’t think it was safe. So off it went. Then I spent more time just staring at my foot. It looks really good by the way. Gross but good! I have lots of pictures but I’ll spare you…this time. 🙂

Only one more month to go! I still need to use my crutches because I’m walking on a swollen ankle and can’t compensate by walking on a different part of my foot. Luckily my pink crutches are still fun and a great conversation starter! I’m still thinking of bedazzling them or the boot…I haven’t decided. The boot is currently sporting blue duct tape with penguins to cover the exposed Velcro that sticks to the clothes. It’s snazzy!

And that’s it for now. Goodbye football until next season. Bring on the March Madness!! And for everyone else goodbye until the next time.


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