Oops I missed Valentine’s Day.



work_6723720_1_sticker,375x360_singles-awareness-day-sad-v1Or Single’s Awareness Day as my friend calls it. I hope everyone enjoyed the day whether you call it V-Day or SA-Day. To me it’s Heart Shaped Pizza Day, which I’ll elaborate on in a bit.

I don’t get overly excited about Valentine’s Day; if I don’t get a flowers or jewelry I’ll survive and better yet, W will survive. I feel obligated to include as a side note, he’s never forgotten. 😉  In fact, I tend to be the one who forgets these holidays.

If we’re able, we’ll do something on the actual day. I’m not the person who thinks it’s too busy to go on the 14th. Our annual V-Day date takes place at the Melting Pot where I’m willing to pay exorbitant prices to cook my own food. I love fondue which makes this one of my favorite restaurants. We do fondue a lot at home but it’s never the same for me so I drag W any chance I get.

Some years though we’re not able to make our February 14 date work. This year we had to settle for Saturday instead. My return to working overnight and my hour-long commute made it difficult to enjoy a relaxed, enjoyable dinner. So on years when we don’t go out we get the Heart Shaped Pizza from Papa Murphy’s in pepperoni. Yum! Grumpy CatAnd of course the s’mores pizza for dessert.

This year I’ve been on a baking kick. Being temporarily handicap there are only so many things a girl can do. Baking and cooking fall into the category of enjoyable tasks. So I’ve been surfing Pinterest like there’s no tomorrow and trying out new recipes. My stay thin rule when it comes to baking is give away your goods. Lucky for me W has lots of friends at work he can pawn cookies and cakes off on. My latest baking endeavor was red velvet brownies with white chocolate buttercream frosting. They were delicious but everyone should be proud of me…I only ate one! I saved two for W and took the rest to work with me. Of course even as I type that I’m eating a doughnut with chocolate frosting…I can’t help it!! It’s 4:30 in the morning and they were sitting within arm’s reach. To make up for it I’m going to eat oatmeal for breakfast this morning. Anyway, if you’re inclined to baking try those brownies. Or just make the frosting. It’s great on its own.

I’m halfway through a fifteen hour shift….woo hoo for halfway…bring on the Starbucks…which means I will most likely be posting again today just to keep myself awake.

So until next time….which is probably within the next few hours.


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