These are a few of my favorite things…

I told you I would be back and I don’t want to disappoint.  I made the brilliant decision to work a fifteen hour shift and currently I am only at hour 13. To keep myself awake I’m compiling a list of things that will entertain me until 12:30. There’s no logic to this post. It is just pure randomness from a sleep-deprived woman.



Enough said.


I spend a great deal of my life surfing through e-card sites. When I find one I think is hilarious or fitting to a situation I send it to my friends and/or sister. It’s usually not just one either. I bombard them with e-card texts.

STOP! e-card  E-card

Hunger e-card


When I’m really tired and it’s really late, or early depending on how you look at it, I start to fantasize about food. I always eat dinner before work and usually have a small snack around midnight, usually a clementine or pickle (…or sometimes the rogue doughnut sitting on the nearby table) then around  3 or 4 I have another small snack. This time it’s usually a bagel or a small bowl of oatmeal (…or the friend of the doughnut that I resisted eating with the first one). Most nights this is sufficient and I survive but some nights I want cheeseburgers, steak, baked potatoes, potato oles, breakfast burritos….the list is endless. The other day I had a meeting before work so I didn’t have time for dinner and the available food options were not appealing. So when I got home the next morning W informed me he had ordered Jimmy John’s the night before and had gotten me a turkey sub in case I was hungry when I woke up later that afternoon. I was a little hungry and decided on a bite or two before heading to bed….the entire sandwich was gone in under 30 seconds. I looked at my husband and shrugged. “Apparently I was hungry,” was my only reply.

John Sandford

Mortal Prey

My actual work night was slow. Crawling-through-the-mud-while-dragging-cement-blocks-behind-you slow. I stared into space for a really, really long time. The internet was not appealing, I feel like I’ve searched to the end and back. I was also in a very comfortable position with my foot elevated so I needed something to do that didn’t involve a lot of movement. I decided on reading a book. Lucky for me I’m currently reading several books. (I have one in each room so that I don’t have to carry them around with me and a few on my Kindle). What wasn’t lucky is that fact that I forgot to bring any and all of those books to work. I also forgot the iPad so there went the Kindle app option. Luck was back on my side when I remembered that we keep a fully stocked bookshelf in our break room. Then I remembered this is the week our break room is under construction so everything has been packed away and moved into a storage area. I could not win with this one!! My supervisor graciously offered to hunt something down for me and came back with Mortal Prey by John Sandford. It’s part of a series that follows a detective and his crime-solving ways; I’m coming into the series in the middle but I was informed the books can stand alone and were worth reading. So I gave it a shot…and it’s pretty good. I’ve been drawn in to the web.

Top Gun

This isn’t keeping me entertained today but we’re watching the new show Zero Hour with Anthony Edwards. Seeing him made me think of the movie which had me playing in my head in an attempt to stay awake. This has always been my favorite movie, I watched it all the time as a teenager. Last year it was the feature of our movie night and I realized that the movie is a little bit corny and a lot shorter than I remember. And the soundtrack never gets old. I had it on cassette tape (yeah…cassettes and I think I still have them).

Dirty Dancing cassette

I used to play it over and over and over again on my little white radio with the broken antennae. Every now and then I’d swap it for the Dirty Dancing cassette.

Coincidentally my friend, W and I went to see Top Gun in IMAX 3D this past week. There’s nothing better than watching the volleyball scene on a humongous screen. I would pay the $15 again just to see that.



My brain isn’t functioning at a coherent level so I’m back to the point of staring into space to occupy the rest of my time.

Until next time!


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