Operation Gus: Complete

Two Feet!Friday was my first official day of freedom! I had intended to write this last week but I ended up being busy at work. First with actual work stuff then with the TV. Priorities. But we started watching The Americans which kind of draws you in…but I’ll rant about my tv obsession another time.

Ten LOOOONG (longer if you ask my husband) weeks have passed and my temporary handicap is coming to an end. Notice I didn’t say it had ended, instead it’s coming to an end. I’m back to the baby steps stage where I can barely walk five feet without getting tired. It’s hard to tell in that picture but my ankle/foot are swollen. I even have a cane to help me get around on days when it’s too hard. Which is most days. Especially this past weekend.

Incident One starts something like this…On Saturday when I got home from work I was feeling energized and decided to take Zu out for a walk to the park. It was a beautiful, cool morning and no one was up yet and it was perfect. We set out on our jaunt to the park behind our house, which is maybe 500 feet, if even that.  The easiest (fastest) way to get to the park is to walk along the creek and open area until you reach the trail instead of walking the 1/4 mile of sidewalk to the trail. In my condition fastest is always going to be my choice. The first clue that this was going to be a bad idea was when I realized that while the snow may have melted on the roads and sidewalks it was still clinging to the grass and dirt. My slippers (pictured above) are not suited for tromping through uneven ground and snow even when one isn’t recovering from major surgery. Turning back was not an option! Not just because it would take forever but the dog is smart enough to know the path we’re on leads to the park and she’s so excited her whole body is shaking. To drag her back to the house now would just be mean. So I powered through. How bad could it be? Bad, then worse.

When we finally made it to the park I happened to glance over my shoulder to find my entire neighborhood was suddenly ten miles away. At least it felt that way. My heart sank at the distance I would have to cross to get back home. I was honestly afraid I would be out there all morning. As I’m coming to terms with my impending doom Zu has decided to take off running…to the opposite end of the park. Knowing I’m going to have to clean up after her I frantically call her name hoping she’ll listen and come back. No chance. She’s on an agenda and there’s no stopping her now. Sighing I study the snowy layout in front of me, I make out a path. Using frozen footprints and tire tracks (who is driving through the park??) I finally arrive at my destination. Of course ZuZu is long gone, frolicking in the snow banks, rolling happily. She’s lucky she’s cute. By now I’m sure it will take years to get back. Feet covered in snow I slowly make the trek back. The energy I had when I arrived home was shot. Instead of being productive and cleaning the house I decided taking a nap was more along the lines of what I could successfully accomplish.

Incident Two is not quite as exciting but still a fiasco. My first independent outing was to the grocery store. I only needed a few things and figured it would be a quick in and out trip. Except Sunday afternoons = too many people.  The thing about working weekends is you never have to deal with crowds of people so being out on the normal weekend is a new thing. I shuffled through the store and was about to congratulate myself on a job well done and then…!  I almost got run over in the parking lot after a verbal scuffle with a stopped car. Some choice words and hand gestures were used by me to express my annoyance. I survived…but they almost didn’t.

And last but not least Incident Three. At the weekly roller skating gathering I decided (against my better judgement and sister’s request…sorry!) to at least try on the skates and see how things progressed. I tried roller blades first since they have more padding but couldn’t fit my foot. The next pair of roller skates didn’t have long enough laces. Success came with the third pair! When they were finally on it took twenty minutes to convince myself to stand up. I looked like Bambi taking my first steps. W pushed me onto the skating floor but since I couldn’t use enough pressure to push off he ended up pulling me along as I wobbled on my feet. I gained enough attention from people watching me that a little girl actually came up to W and offered to teach me how to skate. I decided to call it quits and sit on the sidelines instead. Watching people is almost as fun as being able to skate, which is why I’m not blaming anyone for staring at my hideous attempt at normalcy.

All in all this weekend was a wakeup call that I’m not ready to function on my own. I’m trying too hard too fast and I know that but it’s just exciting to be at this stage! For now I’ll just enjoy the fact that I’m a driver again. Though occasionally I feel like a teenage driver going out on her own for the first time. Slowly but surely.

And as a final bit of fun yesterday was National Cheez Doodle Day.

Cheese Doodle

Until the next Incident.


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