A blind blonde and a banjo

The title sounds like a really bad joke. It’s actually just a moment in my life. There are times I am so unbelievably blonde and blind that I’m impressed I survive through the day. This incident is more blind than blonde but it still counts.

The other day Wayne and I took our dog on a walk in the park. As we’re walking I glance to the playground.

“Is that a man with a dog holding a banjo?”

Wayne glances over. “That’s a baby.”

Squinting, I try to make out the man more clearly. “Wow, I really am blind. I could have sworn that was a banjo.”

Wayne shakes his head. “That is a banjo. That’s not a dog.”


In all fairness the child was crawling around on the ground under the slide. From my point of view it looked like a very small dog.


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