Adventures with Esmerelda

I’m barely been back to driving and already my car is being temperamental. Upon my return, Esmerelda** (my slate blue beauty) had a number of issues.

There are the usual things like the steering wheel and seat being adjusted and for the life of me I can’t remember where they should be. While “borrowing” Esmerelda during my convalescence W accidentally changed half the radio channels to the same channel. And all the warning lights were never reset after fixing the problems it was warning about.

Then there is the more important issue involving the heat. The climate control only works on the highest level and that’s only on a good day when I can get the knob to stick between levels 3 & 4. I’ve been driving this way for a week now and have yet to determine which is better; driving in the freezing cold or being so hot I have to crack the window. So far I’ve been sticking to driving as long as I can with the heat off, turning it on only to de-fog the windows and warm up a little. If only my drive were shorter it would be a more pleasant experience.

While inquiring to myself about how much it would cost to fix my husbands says, “Well if you have to get it fixed.” He was joking so I didn’t kick him. Plus I can’t afford to damage my one good foot. We were pretty sure it was the motor resistor and Esmerelda happened to be due for spring maintenance so the mechanics checked it out while she was there. They confirmed but want to charge $100+ to replace it. According to W it’s a $20 part that he can replace on his own…so fingers crossed because my hour-long commute is getting pretty cold. It’s my luck this is happening in the middle of winter.

Despite a less than welcoming return to driving I’m happy to be able to drive myself around. However, I do miss being chauferred to work and back. With the extra hour I could get so much more accomplished; although I’d probably spend most of that time texting my sister. It’s still something worth looking into…

**My hubby is nice enough that when we get a new car I’m the one who gets to drive it. We rationalize this because I drive over 12,000 miles a year (just for work alone) while he drives 1,500 at the most, therefore the safest, most efficient car becomes mine. The car my husband drives now is Roxy and Esmerelda is the new girl. In order to make his “new” car more masculine W decided to re-name it Bob but because it was my faithful car for six years it transitions between genders depending on who is driving it.


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