The Mad Race for the Troll

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! Our weather during the day has been beautiful but the nights are cold and frosty! I swear winter just started yesterday. The last few months have flown by, it’s hard to believe it’s already the end of March. But it is very nice to hear the birds chirping and have the porch doors open to let in fresh air. Now hopefully the snow we’re supposed to get this weekend is just a rumor. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of time getting away from me…the other day W brought home The Hobbit.  This was the conversation.

W: Hey, check out what I bought.
R: How is that on video already? It just came out in theatres.
W: Honey, that was three months ago.
R: Psh…whatever.

And with the beautiful weather has also come our first wildfire of the year. It’s almost contained (yay!) and was apparently caused by human activity. Luckily the smoke only hung over the city for a day, two at the most, but a big shout out to the firefighters who are dealing with this chaos.

The past few weeks I’ve been having acupunture sessions to help with the pinched nerves from my surgery recovery. I was a little apprehensive going into my first session. In my mind all I could picture was this…


…or the episode of Family Guy where Brian uses acupunture to rid himself of his fleas.

Brian [spots two boxes that say “Needles” and “Poison tipped Needles”]: Hey doc, you have to keep those two boxes right next to each other?
Dr. Ling: Why? What do they say?
Brian: I think we’re through here.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover you don’t really feel the needles, an occasional prick of the skin but nothing more. It’s actually very relaxing. It’s also a good lesson in keeping still which for a chronic fidgeter can be hard! The end results take some time, especially since the nerves have been damaged for several months but I’ve been feeling a difference and am hoping this is the most I have to do.

Now on to the most exciting part of Spring’s arrival…March Madness! Or as it’s know in our family The Race for the Trolphy.

Family Trolphy

Family Trolphy

Our family holds several contests throughout the year in which the winner gets to hold on to “The Troll” until the end of the next contest. My sister and I decided one year we needed something to keep track of who won which contest so we decided a trophy of some sort was the answer. We brainstormed with my sister’s husband, who offered to build it, and this guy was the end result. March Madness and Easter egg decorating are our biggest ones but we have others such as Christmas cookie decorating and we’re thinking of a pumpkin carving/painting this year. This guy has been in Colorado for several years running now thanks to my mad skills at picking brackets and  W’s Easter egg decorating (that’s the Jason egg in the picture above).

I have two brackets this year and am holding onto faith in the underdogs for the first rounds but then I’m going out on a limb this year with no #1 or #2 seeds in my Final Four or Championship games. Wisconsin and Marquette are my big winners and already Marquette gave me a scare by only winning by 1 point in the last second! This is intense and it’s only the first day!!

Good luck to all you bracket contestants. To my family members reading this…it’s on!

Until next time.


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