I Will If You Will

That was this year’s tagline for Earth Hour which was this past Saturday. Did you celebrate by turning your lights off? If not, you’re in luck…just turn off your lights for an hour.

Our night was a fun experiment in navigating the house in the dark. The dog did not seem to find it as enjoyable. Usually lights out means bedtime so when we shut everything down she trotted off to the bedroom only to come back to the living room a few minutes later and let out a long sigh. For the next ten minutes Zu would sigh, plop down in the middle of the floor, then get up to pace around before doing it all again. Eventually she fell asleep. I was fine sitting in the dark with my thoughts since I do a lot of that at work however W played a game on his phone (which is not cheating because Earth hour is turning off non-essential lights/electricity and the phone didn’t require either….).

So I guess it wasn’t that fun but I like the idea of raising awareness for a good cause. National Geographic has some really cool before and after pictures from some of the big cities that participate.


When it comes to saving the Earth I do what I can but I love air conditioning and sometimes I buy things in styrofoam. What I get really crazy about is recycling. I’m a freak about recycling…everything and anything that can be recycled finds its way into the bin. W doesn’t always remember to share my ideas so I spend quite a bit of time digging things out of the trash but he’s getting better. Sometimes he’ll head for the trash but see me giving him the evil eye and back track to the recycling bin. I’ve even rubbed off on my sister who had to get a bigger recycling bin.

When we were done saving the Earth we went to the Avalanche game where they got killed by the Canucks. Hockey is always a good time though, win or loss. There were no good fights…actually no fights at all…which is always a disappointment. If you remember from my previous experience I don’t know that much about hockey but I’ve been to several games since that one and have learned quite a bit. W was probably relieved I’ve stopped asking incessant questions and can follow along on my own. My overall hockey experiences have gone from nothing to riding on a zamboni and seeing the Stanley Cup…I even have my picture with it! It’s the little things that keep me amused.


This amused me quite a bit.

The Avs play in the same arena as the Nuggets so you can also be a basketball player. My head is so tiny in the picture and all I think of is that scene in Men In Black where the guy’s head shrinks.


And on the topic of basketball; my brackets are suffering something fierce. My only saving grace so far is everyone else’s brackets also suck. We’ll see after tomorrow how many more teams I’ve lost. W’s brackets aren’t covered in black scribbles yet so there’s still hope the troll stays in Colorado. If not I might be holding that guy for ransom..

Until next time.


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