Are aardvarks actually awesome?

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

This is not an April Fool’s joke. I’m really blogging about aardvarks. While tossing around a few ideas to start the A-Z Challenge my sister, Stella, latched on to the idea of writing about aardvarks. I was resistant (for a long time) because I have no idea how to write about the long-nosed animal and don’t want to sound like a Wikipedia entry. She was so persistent that eventually I gave up and agreed to write about them. They are very interesting creatures with their long nose/tongue that can suck up thousands of bugs at a time and their tendency to burrow into the ground, which let’s face it we all want to do at times. But to make them into a blog post? That’s the tricky part.

To start I’ll share an article from the Brookfield Zoo, which is a favorite of Stella’s.,0,5941610.story

That first shot of the little guy is adorable! But then I go back and forth between thinking he’s cute and it’s just a weird, wrinkly looking rabbit. As a side note I’m calling it a he but it’s actually unknown what the gender is until the baby is at least a year old. See…we learned something new today.

I spent quite a bit of time researching aardvarks and found the typical information such as they have long claws, they are not social and they live in African grasslands. What I really wanted was the cool side of the creature. So I typed “are aardvarks awesome?” into the search engine. I was surprised to find that, according to the first site, they are indeed awesome. It’s that extra “a” in their name! If you don’t really believe the picture you can also get t-shirts and stickers to prove it.

Here’s a few of my favorite facts involving aardvarks that really have nothing to do with the species:

If you type in aardvarks into Urban Dictionary this is one of the definitions.

“Skittish Aardvarks

Elite group of mysterious ninja-like people who do awesome things- it’s a confidential group with membership required.

“Stealth. Style. Smarts. Once a ‘vark, always a ‘vark!” “

Who knew? Not me. It’s amazing what the internet will produce when you’re looking up something as simple as aardvarks…  That about sums up what I’ve learned about this scaly little critter. I’m just glad to know they really are awesome!

Updated 4/6 – So while surfing the net at work I came across an article about creative tv edits for dirty words and found this one. I love it!

TV Edits

A couple quick shout out’s before I go. The first is for W who suggested I write about “Arrow” the show on CW. Though he was less persistent than Stella, it deserves honorable mention. I do love the show and am always excited to see a new episode appear in the queue. If you haven’t seen it (and like the whole comic/superhero thing) definitely check it out; it’s worth the time!

The second is to the founder of the challenge, Arlee Bird over at Tossing It Out! His theme for the month is film genres so I’m excited to see what he brings to the challenge!

Happy National Sourdough Bread Day!  See you at letter B!

*As I was putting the finishing touches to this post I noticed that the title of my blog is all A’s which was not intended at all. I think I’m just so fixated on the letter that I can think of nothing else. Hopefully it goes away by tomorrow…


11 thoughts on “Are aardvarks actually awesome?

  1. Hi Zu .. I love Aadvarks – aren’t they just great looking as well as their name etc ..

    Enjoy the A – Z .. and have fun … cheers for now – Hilary

  2. Aardvarks look funny and their name looks funny. I wonder if they have lots of funny names. I would like to meet one. I will go to Africa and look for one.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glad you like food and glad you commented so I could read yours and learn about aardvarks.

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