Emu the Exotic

My friend upon seeing emu’s running wild for the first time in Papua New Guinea.

Here we go again talking about random animals. Today it’s the emu! I’ve been thinking of different topics for E and had some good ones but couldn’t make a firm decision. The consensus among co-workers was the emu.


Click for the True Wild Life post about the emu!

These guys look similar to the ostrich but are a not quite as tall and weigh a little less. They are, however, Australia’s largest bird. They are about 5-6 feet which for a bird is pretty big yet their wings are only the size of a human hand.  Added with their shaggy feathers they are one strange looking creature. But they’re attracted to shiny, dangling items so I guess we have one thing in common. 😉

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

The emu (emu? emus??) and their friend the kangaroo are on the Australian Coat of Arms; according the the Australian government website it’s because both critters symbolize moving forward due to the fact that the can’t move backward easily. I don’t know why but the image of an emu moonwalking pops into my head every time I say that. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any videos on the web of an emu doing the moonwalk. For a second I thought I had stumbled across something but apparently there is a walk in London called the MoonWalk so it was all misleading!

Maybe no moonwalking but if you google Emu’s Dancing it brings up a lot of videos of them running.

If this is anything like what my friend saw I would have freaked out too! They can run up to 30 mph so steering clear of that running herd would be the first priority.

I’ve never had emu meat before and don’t know anyone who has so I’m curious to know what it’s all about. If you’ve had it let me know!

Okay so that sums up the emu. I hope you learned something new about this exotic bird!

Today is National Walk To Work Day which would be awesome except I live 30 miles away…so that’s out. But it’s also National Deep Dish Pizza Day and National Caramel Day and those are both things I can get on board with! It also would have been my grandmother’s birthday which as we all know means it’s time for a shot of brandy! I hope you enjoy one too 🙂

See you at F!

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