F is for…

What is F for? Food, fitness, Fort Collins, my recent foot surgery (although I’m sure you’ve all heard enough by now), and flatulence as suggested by my friend because “no matter your age, when you hear one in public, you can’t help but laugh!” Instead I’m enlightening everyone with some fun, albeit usless, facts. Enjoy!

1) I like to think this is true…

WTF Fact

2) Studies show doorways are linked to memory loss. That explains why I can never remember anything.


3) There used to be a game in Russia where  you had to drive a stolen car and evade police for 35 minutes. If you were successful you won the car, if not you were arrested.

4) There’s a movie about a killer tire named Robert. I kind of want to see it…

5) The word typewriter is the longest English language word that can be spelled using the first row of the keyboard. Try not to look at the keyboard after reading this. 🙂

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

6) Each year more people are killed by donkeys than airplane crashes. I have been kicked by them and it does hurt…although I think my boots hurt more after those 3 rascals chewed off part of the strap.

Who us??

Who us??

7) At the University of Victoria you can take a class on the science of Batman.

If I take the class, can I drive this?

If I take the class, can I drive this?

And in keeping with random, useless, fun facts International Pillow Fight Day is today! Which means I can beat W with a pillow and get away with it. 😉 Actually in several cities around the world there are massive pillow fights that people can participate in!

It is also Drowsy Driver Awareness Day which is promoted by the California Highway Patrol. As someone who works overnight, often long shifts, and has an hour commute this is especially important to me. Most mornings I’m wide awake but occasionally there are days where I didn’t get enough sleep the day before and the drive home is brutal. Knowing how to keep yourself awake and when it’s time to pull over is important!

CHP Drowsy Driver

Happy Saturday! See you all at G!


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