Living in a Geeky Grimm Fantasy

Stories of Grimm

I promised it would be on time and here it is!! Today I’m talking about a few different things but they all center around the Grimm Brothers. Fair warning, this one has a lot of pictures.

The Book

First of all I’ve always enjoyed the stories by the Brothers Grimm. For my birthday one year my sister bought me “Grimm’s Complete Book of Fairytales.”  Many of the stories are, to be ironic, grim but fascinating. And there are so many that we know bits and pieces of but never knew the whole story. Every now and then I’ll be talking about a story with someone and sure enough the Grimm Brothers were the writers. So I pull out my handy, dandy book and we figure out how the story actually ends.

A couple years ago, when NBC decided to make a tv show of the stories, I was intrigued. What stories would they include? How would the stories play out? After the first few episodes I was hooked. I like where the storyline is headed and I hope it stays this way because I’m excited to see how this season concludes. Since fairy tales meet modern day seem to be the new thing I’m hoping this one lasts for a while. And since everyone knows I judge a lot of my tv watching by how good-looking the actors are you should know this one ranks high; David Giuntoli is pretty good looking.

Hansel and Gretel and Roma

Trying to take a cool pic of Hansel and Gretel but Roma was attracted to the flash on the camera.

To make things even better in 2010 the Grimm Brothers Brewery was founded in Loveland.


A lot of our friends had great things to say about the beer and the brewery itself but W and I had never had a chance to make it down. When the A-Z Challenge came around I knew exactly what G should be and just needed a day to research (ie: drink the beer). Today was the only day that worked so off we went. I had a training on autism this afternoon (which was very informative, everyone should have this info) which meant this evening was open for us to try some beers. Having never been to the brewery before we got a little lost on the way in and had to turn around; having the address/directions prior to heading out probably would have been helpful but we made it either way. There were only a handful of people there when we arrived which for a Monday night wasn’t surprising. It also made it easier for me to take pictures without getting random strangers in them. I love the posters they have on the walls for each of their beers.

IMG_1532 Snow Drop

Since this was our first time we wanted to try all the beers so we ordered 2 flights and the guy behind the bar, Travis, was really great about helping us out.



I’m not a huge fan of hoppy beers so W took most of those and I took the Master Thief and The Fearless Youth from the yearly and then 3 others from the seasonal. There was one dry stout, Bear Skin, that had a huge smoky taste. I wasn’t a huge fan but W loved it.

As it turns out it happened to be Geeks Who Drink trivia night at the Grimm Brothers. W hesitated for awhile about getting involved in these sort of shenanigans but eventually decided it seemed like fun. And it was. We played 8 rounds of trivia and did awesome on maybe 2 or 3 rounds. Basically we sucked. We came in last though were weren’t that far behind the next team. We did win a bonus question though and won a java cookie and a free pint (woo hoo!!) They were fun questions and nothing too hard except for when you can’t remember! There was one song I told W (at least 3 times) it was the right answer but he swore up and down it was older than that artist. Turns out I was right…I won’t let him forget that in the near future. I knew I should have written it down anyway!!



At the end of the night the 2 bartenders let me take a picture of them (and gave permission to post it). I told them about the blog and they were really great about everything!

Grimm Brothers

I had tried to take a picture of the outside of the brewery before we went but it was too windy and my hair kept getting in my eyes so I decided to wait and take it when we were done. Of course while we were enjoying our beer and trivia night the typical Colorado weather kicked in and it decided to snow. So when we left it was a) freezing, b) snowing and c) windy as hell. The picture didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but it’s neat to see the snow in there.

Snowy Grimm

We had so much fun. Everyone was really easy to talk to and made sure we were having a good time. Even though we lost we had a great time and I’m excited to go back for another round at Geeks Who Drink. Maybe next time we’ll get more points!! To read about our trivia night see the blog here.

Today is National Empanada Day and Draw A Picture of A Bird Day. If I remember I’ll post my bird drawing tomorrow! Or if worst comes to worse someone drew that bird on the beer logo…that has to count, right?? 🙂

See you tomorrow at H!!


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