Knitting…it’s not for everyone.

Before I get into my knitting debacles I’ll apologize for missing the last 2 letters. This was the one week where I had nothing planned or saved. I’d planned on doing everything at work and then I got sick and missed 2 days. So J will be mixed in between K and L. Who likes a normal alphabet anyway?? Anyway back to the letter at hand…

My mom is a pro at knitting. She’s made me clothes, purses, socks, scarves, even a stuffed animal. She’s made beautiful baby blankets and booties for my friends and their babies. 

Several years ago she taught me. The basics are easy to pick up and I was able to complete a scarf. It’s pitful and ugly but I’m still proud of it. But then we were in the middle of a move and other busy things and eventually knitting was left by the wayside.

During my recent convalesence I took up knitting again to keep myself occupied. I couldn’t remember the exact steps so I turned to YouTube for a few tutorials and read several articles before I could completely understand what I was doing. Once I finally remembered how to cast on I was ready to start knitting another scarf! A few rows in and I felt like a pro…until suddenly I had 3 too many stitches. Then a few rows later I was back to my normal amount of stitches. I was so confused! But it was passing the time so I decided to keep going.

About halfway through my yarn I straightened the stitches on my needle to check out the handiwork. It looked awesome except it was a little  A LOT  bigger than I had intended. Grabbing the instructions I decided to figure out what the different instructional letters meant. It turns out I had confused the rows for the stitches. So where I should have had 40 rows I had 40 stitches. My scarf was a monster!


The Monster Scarf!

I ran out of yarn eventually so the scarf is not very long. When I wear it I just pin it together at the ends like an infinity scarf. In the picture it looks okay but up close you see all the mistakes I made and rows with too many stitches then the gradual decline in stitches. I decided to tackle another project (a scarf…it’s all my abilities can handle) but with purple fun fur. This stuff is great because it hides any mistakes with all the fuzziness. That is also the biggest problem. I can’t always tell where the stitches are which means there are even more mistakes than the monster. It’s still fun though. Maybe one day when I have some extra time I can take a class.

So for now knitting is not my strongest talent…maybe someday 🙂

Even though the day is almost over it was National Grilled Cheese Day and Walk On Your Wild Side Day! I didn’t enjoy either of those; getting off the couch was already too much work but hopefully you did!

See you with either J or L..whichever comes first!


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