For the love of LEGO



Today’s post is for my husband who asked if L could be for LEGO. He’s got a collection of different characters who occupy space in my house.

I usually don’t give them a passing thought, unless I’m bumping into the shelf and scattering them every direction, but as I was photographing them I found myself making scenes with them. I even engaged in a little war with the Jedi and Stormtrooper. I can see what kids find so entertaining about them.

Posing with their rides

Posing with their rides

Yoda gets the best of the Stormtrooper

Yoda gets the best of the Stormtrooper

I don’t always see what my husband finds so cool about them…but I don’t worry too much because he doesn’t actually sit around playing with them. They’re mainly decorative. Every few months he’ll take them off the shelf, dust them off and re-arrange them. Sometimes Wolverine and Aquaman are flying a helicopter; other times they’re driving a truck bigger than the helicopter.


This bad boy was a gift from my sister one year for Christmas. I swear these big ones have a gazillion tiny pieces. The cats had a blast trying to steal pieces away while he was putting it together. I came onto the building scene about halfway through and being the thoughtful wife that I am asked if I could be of assistance. W thought about it for a minute then decided to let me help. He handed me the instruction booklet and a bag of pieces and I got to work. I was excited. This was my first adventure into LEGO building…being a girl I played with Barbie. That’s not true, I actually played with Tonka trucks, either way I never played with LEGO’s. So I made a few mistakes but finished it with minimal help; W had to fix a few pieces I had put on backwards. He was just finishing up so I pushed my pieces over, eagerly wondering where it would attach. W put it together and we stood back to admire the LEGO ship. As I studied it I realized I had built the stand that it sits on. The stand. Here I was thinking I had built an escape hatch or part of the engine but no…I built the stand. One day…one day…I will build an actual LEGO figure. He would like to get one of the big ones such as the Millenium Falcon or the Black Pearl but until we have a bigger house they’ll have to wait. The one thing I put my foot down about is LEGO’s taking over my house. Pretty soon I might be living in a house made of plastic pieces. That might be interesting though and possibly easier to clean. 🙂

So it seems L came first. I still haven’t put the finishing touches on J because I’m trying to stay on schedule. Tomorrow, tomorrow. I promise.

Today is Scrabble Day which means I should probably play my Words With Friends games…my friends have been nudging me like crazy! It’s also National Peach Cobbler Day which sounds delicious on a nice spring day!

See you at the next letter!


5 thoughts on “For the love of LEGO

  1. I’m impressed that your husband dusts his legos! My husband had a bunch of baseball bobble heads that he wanted displayed. He never ever dusted them. I put them in a cabinet and told him as soon as he cleaned them he could put them back out on display. That was a couple of years ago…
    Donna at Donna’s New Day

  2. Hi Ruby .. we had the early Lego – which my brothers and cousins played with .. and people still ‘play’ with building whole houses out of it .. the concept is very clever, as is meccano … cheers Hilary

  3. I just ran across this post of yours and I loved playing with Legos when I was growing up. I used to make Lego houses with my nephew and pretended that our marbles were the people who lived in the house. We would have a monster come down and wreck the house, just so we would have to rebuild a new one. Oh the good ole days!

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