Jellyfish starts with J

Remember as you’re reading this to think it’s actually Thursday April 11…then this post isn’t late at all. I’m not promising that the wait is going to be worth it. The post is really only about jellyfish and nothing earth shattering but it’s here nonetheless. It’s not very long but enjoy anyway!

jellyfish ny times

When I had first planned to write J the only thing I could think of was Jamba Juice because I was craving a fruit smoothie. The closest store is 40 miles away though and no fruit smoothie is worth that trip. Then sickness claimed me and fruit smoothies became the enemy. During my more lucid moments I tried to write the post for J. The farthest I got was searching what starts with J. Jellyfish was one of the things that stuck with me for two reasons; 1) Being the insanely huge FRIENDS fan that I am the first thing I thought of was the jellyfish episode.

And 2) a couple week’s ago New Girl channeled the FRIENDS episode and featured a jellyfish sting.

I know very little, next to nothing, about the slimy water creature so as usual I turned to Google to help me learn more. Most of what I found is scientific and boring except maybe to scientists. They’re fascinating to watch as they flit about the water, some changing color as they bloom. They’re one of my favorite things to watch at the aquarium. Actually almost anything found in tank keeps me entertained. I’m easily amused.

I was surprised to learn that most only live up to a year, some only days. I figured they were one of those marine animals that could live thousands of years. I was also surprised by how interested I was while researching. I even bookmarked a few sites so I can go back and read more specifics. These plankton really lure you in…

And as always random topic find…there’s a band in New York called Medusa Jellyfish.

See you on Monday 🙂


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