Mary’s Mountain Cookies

W and I have a sweets day once a month. We head downtown (bike in the summer to burn off the calories) and hit up the best cookie store I’ve ever come across. It’s Mary’s Mountain Cookies in downtown Fort Collins. The cookies are gigantic! Just imagine a regular cookie x3. It’s a small shop but they have so much to offer. They have the usual cookie choices; chocolate chip and snickerdoodle are amazing. Then they have ones such as the blueberry oatmeal that tastes like a blueberry muffin in cookie form. Or the turtle cookie with the caramel drizzle. It’s almost too hard to pick my favorite. The best part is they’re soft and they stay that way over the next days. We always swear we’ll only get one but they have BOGO deals all the time and it’s so hard to resist!!

I meant to visit this weekend but my plans went longer than I thought they would and I ran out of time. Hopefully we can get there this week because a giant chocolate chip cookie sounds great right now!

After our cookie purchases we head down the block to Rocket Fizz, one of the downtown candy shops. I’m addicted to saltwater taffy and they have a great selection. I get my regular flavors (which includes s’mores) and then pick out a few new ones. We like to mix them all up and then try to guess what flavor we’re eating. The store also has the largest variety of weird soda’s I’ve ever seen. And I’m talking WEIRD. Peanut butter and Jelly. Buffalo Wing. We tried Martian Poop the other day which is a marionberry flavor. At the first taste you’re like “hmm that’s not bad” and then you swallow and realize it’s AWFUL! From now on I’m sticking with root beer. They also sell Butter Beer (from Harry Potter) which is a butterscotch soda. It’s a little sweet but it’s pretty good. Not at all like I imagined from watching the movies. 

It’s Rubber Eraser Day although who uses pencils anymore?

Until N!


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