National Day of Everything and Anything

I’m sure you’ve noticed that during the A-Z Challenge I’ve also been noting the weird and silly “National Days”. I keep track of a lot of them but little did I know that there is one for every single day of the year! Some seem a little like crazy people sitting around making stuff up but hey, that’s how a lot of things came about.

These are my favorite holidays because they’re goofy and a lot of them me being able to eat something tasty. Or do something fun such as talk like a pirate or Shakespeare…which I’m still working on. My English accent isn’t that great and the only poetry I know comes from Shel Silverstein or Dr. Seuss.

**Just for fun I typed Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss in the same search field and this video actually popped up.

“Ye hoebag” is my favorite line. Maybe it’s because I’ve been up for a REALLY long time (15 hours at work can be brutal) but I just laughed and laughed at that.

As always I’ve gotten off topic. Today we can celebrate a few things.

  • Go barefoot to raise awareness for health and education of children for One Day Without Shoes. I would if we didn’t have a foot of snow on the ground with more in the forecast.
  • Eat eggs benedict. It’s been so long I don’t even know if I like it but it looks delicious.
  • Celebrate your voice; it’s World Voice Day. I’ll be singing on my drive home which I believe counts.



This was my bird for Draw A Bird Day. Isn’t he cute?

And since we’re talking about days of awareness don’t forget to keep Boston in your thoughts.

Enjoy your day of N. See you at O!


2 thoughts on “National Day of Everything and Anything

  1. Great post. I didn’t even know it was World Voice Day and I made up a song about how I didn’t want to got to work. I sang that song for about ten minutes and then forgot it when I got to work.

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