Passing on the left & other Pet Peeves!

We all have pet peeves and things that annoy us. I never believe anyone who says nothing bothers them…there’s always something. I have lots of them but some of them I don’t even realize until it’s happening and I know that things I do are pet peeves to other people. It’s a give and take situation.

  • Putting your license plate tags in random spots.
  • Leaving a foot of snow on top of your car so when you drive in front of me it blows all over my windshield!! This has been a big issue lately because we got over a foot so half the city is driving like this.
  • People who make Facebook pages for their pets then update it religiously. Unless your pet is famous do they really need a page? I spend enough time trying to maintain my one page!
  • People who sit right next to you in an empty room.

My biggest pet peeve though is people who do not tell you they’re passing you on the trail! How hard is it to tell me you’re passing?!? This surprised me when we first moved here because Fort Collins is such a bike friendly city that I expected more from its riders!!

Most of the time I’ve got the dog with me and while she’s very well mannered she’s had too many close calls with bikes that they now spook her. If it’s a kid I usually just roll my eyes and let it go but if a person zips by me and they’re obviously an experienced biker (expensive bike, special biking clothes, etc) I will yell something. If I’m in a feisty mood it’s usually sarcastic and loud. Just tell me you’re there and I will move the dog, who usually runs on my left, and we’ll give you as much room as possible!!

Enough of my soapbox bike rant. This one really gets me riled up so the fact that I only wrote a little bit is saying a lot. 🙂

It’s National High Five Day which started in 2002 at the University of Virginia where they give out lemonade and high-fives. They now raise money for different scholarships or research, depending on the year. They’ve dedicated today to the victims from Boston and you can donate money too! It’s also National Animal Crackers Day. The plain ones are good but cover them in pink & white frosting and they’re even better!

We’ll see you at Q even though I’m still not sure what I want to write about!!


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