Quit Snowing!!

Those words coming from someone who lives in Colorado are absolutely worthless. It doesn’t matter what month it happens to be there is always a chance for snow. You just never know. It’s Colorado.

There was hardly any snow during the winter so Mother Nature has made up for it by snowing every week for the past month. The first three weeks it would snow on Tuesday and by Friday be back to 60. But this week it has stayed cold and blustery. On Monday it started to snow and continued for 3 days.

Almost 9 inches on Tuesday night.

Almost 9 inches on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday afternoon it was over a foot.

By Wednesday afternoon it was over a foot.

I love the snow but I’m ready for the spring weather already! Unfortunately the forecast shows snow AGAIN next week.

Colorado is not the only one getting hit hard though; the Midwest is getting slammed with heavy rains and flooding. My parents basement is gathering water as are hundreds of other people. When we lived there we were evacuated due to living in a flood plain and were transients for a week so I feel for the people who are affected. Keep them in your thoughts!

Some favorite Q’s.

  • Qdoba
  • Quizzes (if they’re from Mental Floss…love that site.)
  • Questions (it’s my life’s work.)
  • Quiet
  • Quotes
  • Quinoa

Today is  my friend’s daughters second birthday!! Happy Birthday to her!

As always it’s National Garlic Day. I LOVE garlic. I would (and often do) eat it on everything. And it’s National Hanging Out Day, which I thought was hanging out with friends but it’s actually for hanging clothes on the line as part of Project Laundry List that promotes conserving energy.

Enjoy the day! Hopefully it’s warm and sunny where you are! Until R. 🙂


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