Investigations of Sasquatch

Sasquatch. Bigfoot. Yeti. We’ve all heard them and probably know someone who swears they’ve seen him…them, it, whatever. A few weeks ago I came home from work and found a business card on my table that said “Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies.”


It was early in the morning, I had been up all night so I was concerned that maybe I was seeing things from being so tired. Leaving the card I went to bed and forgot about it. A few days later I found it again and asked W if it was joke he and his friends had come up with. Several years ago he and his friends created a fake plumbing business and had t-shirts made up so this wasn’t out of the question. No, he says, it’s actually a card from a friend who is part of an investigation team looking for Sasquatch in Colorado.

I don’t actually believe in Bigfoot, however I do believe in creepy, hairy men living in the woods, so I have been reading about them the last few weeks. I’m intrigued by what people are seeing and hearing. A lot of the articles have similar reports but I keep finding myself clicking on the next article just to see if there is anything new. A lot of articles say that a county in Washington passed a law making it illegal to kill Bigfoot but there doesn’t seem to be anything that actually supports that claim so I’m thinking it’s just as made up as Bigfoot. Although I would be a little scared to shoot him because if he’s as big as they say he’s not going down easy.

With every article are supporting pictures but no matter how many I look at I just can’t see the creature!

Courtesy of S.I.R.

Courtesy of S.I.R.

I DON’T SEE IT!! It all looks like a bunch of trees. I suppose I might see that toe they’ve pointed out but the rest of it is lost on me.

I can see why some people are lured in to the hunt for Sasquatch. Recently a man in Washington has offered a million dollars to anyone who captures a live sasquatch. I could probably be convinced to traipse through the woods looking for a yeti if I could get money for finding him, especially since he’s basically in my backyard. Of course the hosts of the contests are also brewers which leads me to believe maybe they were drinking too much of their beer. 😉

It’s a very interesting field of research and even though I don’t believe in it I’m very impressed with the research that’s been done.

Here’s some Sasquatch videos for your enjoyment!

Enjoy some jelly beans today for National Jelly Bean Day and do your part for the planet…it’s Earth Day!!

See you at T!


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