Wiggling Wombats

Wombat, wombat, wombat.  Do you ever get to the point where you say a word so much that it doesn’t seem like a real word anymore? I’ve been reading so much about wombats recently that the word has become foreign to me.

The wombat has quite a bit going on. Not only is it an animal it’s also part of a popular band, subject of many works of writing and they have they’re own day on October 22!

Let’s first address the animal itself, shall we? As with all the animals I’ve written about these guys are native to Australia. They have all the weird yet cute animals. I’m not sure what I thought wombats looked like but it wasn’t this…


Thanks FactZoo.com

I think I was picturing more along the lines of a sloth. Instead its more like a koala. They are so cute! I just want to squeeze him! They’re bigger than I thought they would be (around 40-70 pounds) but when they’re born they are only the size of a jelly bean. A jelly bean! That’s tiny!

Poor guy keeps getting dirt tossed in his face!

This wombat appears to just be chillin’ in the dirt but it’s also how they take a bath so he’s probably multi-tasking. 🙂

While I was checking out all that is wombat on the internet I came across several poems involving them. This surprises me because when I look at them I don’t see poetry. I see fat, fuzzy waddlers that poop sqaure (really, they do).

The Wombat

The wombat lives across the seas,
Among the far Antipodes.
He may exist on nuts and berries,
Or then again, on missionaries;
His distant habitat precludes
Conclusive knowledge of his moods,
But I would not engage the wombat
In any form of mortal combat.

-Ogden Nash-

That was one of the good poems, some of them were a little strange or just had the word wombat in it at random. The children’s book “Diary of  A Wombat” is more fitting. The wombat sleeps, eats grass and battles a door mat. It’s really cute. I’m actually thinking of buying it for my future kids.

A little wombat music for your enjoyment.

In keeping with my Australia theme today is Hug An Australian Day. Since I can’t hug my wombat friends I was thinking Alex O’Loughlin. Or we can plant trees for Arbor Day. If those don’t sound appealing it’s also National Pretzel Day. Making soft pretzels is super easy, here’s a great recipe or eating pretzel sticks and hummus is always a good alternative!

We’ll meet again at X!


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