Fast & Furriest 5K

I finished my first 5K of 2013 today! And that’s not even the best news. I ran for the first time today! I actually ran. I walked most of it but it’s still a huge accomplishment for me. Tuesday will mark 2 months since I’ve been out of the cast (and almost 5 months since the surgery) and I’m amazed at how far my foot has improved in that time.

I’m almost back to feeling normal and not thinking about my foot every waking second. I’m not worried about Zu accidentally stepping on it when we play. When the top of my foot is flat against the floor or bed I don’t feel like I have to turn my leg to the side. It’s hard to explain so that probably makes no sense at all. I think I’ll always be unconsciously aware though, especially in certain places. Last week my friend and I took her 2-year-old to a children’s museum which is just a fancy way to say a huge play place. At one point we had to take our shoes off around all the kids (hundreds of them!) so I stood like a flamingo, with my right foot on my left leg, until finally finding a spot to sit on the floor. I’ll take it though. Progress, right?!?


This dog is so cute.

Back to the 5k! The vet school at CSU holds this every year to raise money for the clients that need critical care. The weather was gorgeous. Actually it ended up being warmer than I thought. I wore a light long sleeve shirt but regretted it halfway through. What was I thinking?? As we were waiting for the start I realized I had drank too much coffee and water that morning and now faced the dilemma of using a port-o-potty and having a dog. This was a first for me. Usually Wayne or a friend is with me to hold on to the dog, or she’s not with me, so as I waited in line I contemplated my options. Of course no one else was a single person with a dog. I saw a woman with an infant car seat come out so I thought “Psh, I got this.” So when it was our turn we headed up to the door and immediately Zu puts the brakes on. There I am shoving the dog into the port-o-potty and of course the whole thing starts to shake as I’m shutting the door. It was a lot smaller than I remembered (of course I’ve always been alone) and Zu is moving around trying to figure this situation out. She’s frantically sucking in air from the between the floor and the door then staring up at me with a panicked look. I’m talking to her, trying to keep her from knocking the whole thing over, so my neighbors probably thought I was crazy. When I opened the door she bolted and shook the thing again. As we were leaving I saw a dog waiting outside, their leash closed in the door. Now I see what I should have done. Lessons learned.

It was somewhat confusing in the beginning though because everyone headed to the east side of The Oval on campus…turns out the big sign that says START was on the other side. So as a collective group we made our way back where we had started. Just in time too because the train that passes through the campus freaked out some of the dogs and started the whole group barking.

Other side

Yep, we’re waiting on the wrong side.

Heading to the right start line.

Heading to the right start line.

When we started I wasn’t even considering running. I’m just shy of two months which is what the doctor recommended for any high impact on the foot. Plus I’ve been sick all week so I didn’t think I’d have the energy. Just after half a mile I thought “Well why not try?” It was weird those first few steps. At one point during a doctor visit I had asked a nurse with similar screws in her foot how it felt to move and she had told me it was hard to explain, that she managed it differently. I now understand exactly what she meant. It’s not pain but you definitely know there is something in your foot. It’s something I’ll just get used to. I ran about 3/4 of a mile before walking again because I don’t want to overdo it. But those few minutes of running were the best feeling in the world. The sound of feet hitting the pavement, having to take deeper breaths, actually sweating when you move…wonderful! I ended up chatting with a nice lady about dogs until the water table where Zu held up the dog line for water. We ran off and on for the next 2 miles, enjoying every second. I had a great finish time, considering the circumstances. I crossed the line at 00:47:55. The people at the end called off everyone’s names as they crossed…you know you’re near the end when they have enough time to look at your number and find you in a list of several hundred. 🙂

Race days should be called Doggie ADD Day. It’s so much fun to see all the dogs running or trying to check out the neighboring dog. Pet-friendly courses are my favorite. ZuZu always has a great time and we pick up some awesome swag i.e. bags of dog treats and bandanas. Next on the list is the Fire Hydrant 5 put on by the Larimer County Humane Society!


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