X-ray vision: What can I see?


Having a husband that is a collector of comic books mean that I’m subjected to a lot of comic book information. So when my mom suggested this topic I was instantly intrigued. Being that I don’t pay a lot of attention to the stories I only know of Superman having X-ray vision. He uses his X-ray vision for good but I wanted to find one that used it for bad. I’m curious what they would do…find the bad guys and warn them the superhero is on the way to save the day?

If you had X-ray vision what would you want to see? And I mean the X-ray vision you see in cartoons and comics because real X-ray vision would look like well…x-rays and that’s not fun. This is actually a tough question, for me at least, because I don’t know what I would want to see. One of the first things that came to mind was seeing into museum walls such as the Louvre or the Smithsonian to eliminate ALL the walking you have to do. But then that was half the fun so I decided against that. So I’ve been asking people what they would want to see. My husband, being the cheeky guy that he is, gave a chuckle and an inappropriate answer. I laughed and shook my head. Men, I said. One friend said she would want to see into people’s soul.  Or to find all the neglected/abused animals.

I’m sure a lot of kids would want to see into their presents for Christmas or birthdays. I know as kid I would have loved that. There’s an artist from Britain, Hugh Turvey, who uses x-ray technology as the basis for his art, called Xograms. They’re really neat. He did a special series to look through Christmas gifts to see what was inside without ever opening them. Here’s an interesting blog article featuring them. The more I started looking at x-ray art I found it was hard to stop.

I also discovered a phone app created by Wonderbra last year to promote their bra. If you came across the poster of the model you could whip out your phone and using the decoder see underneath her clothes to see her underwear. I’m not sure about this…it kind of makes being a pervert a little too easy.

So what would you do? Save the world? Create art? Or be a pervert?

If you don’t want to do any of that you can at least enjoy National Prime Rib Day…yum! It is also World Healing Day so focus on harmonizing your mind!

Monday is Y. Tuesday is Z. We’re almost there! Happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “X-ray vision: What can I see?

  1. Can I say all of the above? Because lets be real, having the opportunity to be a secret pervert could be fun for like..an hour. I’d want to see inside people’s bags too and I would use that talent to prevent bombings or attacks.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who would be temporarily perverted 😉 I love your idea, we could really do a lot of good with that.

      Happy Blogging!

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