And the winner is…

The other day I entered a contest to win a FURminator at Cat Chat.

meyouandzu April 28, 2013 at 2:00 PM

We want to win because this mom could make a family of pets out of my 3 kiddos fur! Plus the dog chewed up the last brush in a fit of loneliness!
Great post. Love the mustache 🙂

These brushes are so awesome, they really get that loose fur out of the undercoat. A while back I made the mistake of leaving the brushes out and unattended and Zu made a party out of chewing everything to pieces. I still use the brush but most of it is broken and it’s barely hanging in there. I’ve been meaning to get out and buy a new ones for her & the kit kats.  But now we don’t have to because we WON! Yay us! It’s just in time too. The other day I spent ten minutes brushing loose fur off Roma…of course some of that time was spent dragging her back to me when she tried to run away. Silly cat.

So go check out Cody at Cat Chat!


6 thoughts on “And the winner is…

    • I’m really glad to be getting one for my cats! The 2 of them shed nearly as much as my dog! I swear I have cat hair everywhere!! Having to buy one for the dog just gives us an excuse to shop at the pet store! 🙂

    • I’m so excited for ours to come in! I can’t wait to start fighting with my cat over grooming sessions! The other one absolutely loves being combed and will purr whenever she sees a brush so she’ll be a breeze! Love the post, it’s so great to hear of other people’s experiences.

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