Every Day in May – Day 1

The story of your life in 250 words or less


I was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Iowa and live in Colorado. I have an older sister who lives with her husband in Chicago. Even though I spent more years of my childhood in Iowa I still consider myself to be from Wisconsin. Childhood was like any other; fight with siblings, go to school, and summer break goes way too fast. Growing up in rural Iowa means you’re closest neighbors are a mile away. My school was in the middle of a cornfield and my graduating class was 30. My parents dual-enrolled me in college classes my junior year of high school so when I graduated high school I also graduated from the community college with an Associate’s Degree. I attended the University of Northern Iowa. After spending a semester abroad in Poland I married the love of my life and we have 3 four-legged kids; 2 cats and a dog. My job as a police dispatcher at UNI led us to Colorado where I currently dispatch for a city agency. I currently work overnight which I love! When not working I do the usual activities; sleep, run, bike, hike, Zumba, read, etc… I’m hoping to go back to school to complete graduate school sometime before I retire!

I think I made it in just over 200 words. 🙂 Happy Wednesday and Happy May Day!


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