Every Day In May – Day 2

Today I’m supposed to educate you on something or talk about something I’m good at. When it comes to things like this I start panicking. What do I know how to do?  Anything? I would be a horrible teacher. Things makes sense in my head but never come out the way they’re supposed to.

Since I spent all of April educating you on different things I’ve decided I’m going to put a different spin on today’s post. I’m going to talk about something I’m good at and that is….buying shoes.

I love shoes. LOVE. Expensive, cheap. Boots, sandals. I have so many they take up 3/4 of my closet. W gets a tiny little space for his shoes but the rest is mine! I’ve actually run out of room to put them. Besides 3 walls of shoes I also have a shoe storage container that goes under the bed for seasonal shoes. The closet is a mess of shoes more often than not. My shoes tend to disappear on days when I’m running late and I’m left trying to find the mate. That is not a good day to be outside the closet because shoes are going to come flying out like missiles while I sit in the middle of the closet in a pile of shoes. More often than not its been sitting in front of me the whole time or decides to reappear when I’ve chosen a new pair. And since I’m running late the closet ends up staying like a war-zone for days. This is just one example…

Shoe chaos indeed.

Shoe chaos indeed.

There’s a DIY project where you use molding to hang shoes on the wall which would work perfect but we’re moving at the end of the year and I’m not sure spending all that time & effort for six months is worth it. So I’ll just have to deal with my shoe chaos for a little longer.

I’m a sucker for a good bargain but I have no qualms about spending all my money on shoes. And I’m very good at it. I’m very fashion-oriented, shoes can make or break an outfit. Just this morning my friend was picking out shoes for her outfit and had two choices; Fuggs or hooker boots. Now I’m assuming everyone knows what hooker boots are but in case you missed the memo they are sexy boots with super high heels. Check out the snakeskin boots in the pictures below. Those were my pick…the sophisticated sexy looks is my favorite but if you’re going for a more laid-back, casual look the Fuggs are the way to go. The sexy boots won.

I have an affection for sexy shoes, heels especially. The majority of shoes I buy are heels which I wear proudly even though it makes me taller than my husband and everyone in his family. At 5’7 he’s the tallest in his family by several inches so when I’m around and wearing heels I’m a giant. Lately though I’ve been seeking out flats in every color and design. Due to the surgery I won’t be wearing heels for a really long time. While sitting on the floor of the closet the other day I decided just to try on a heel and couldn’t even stand to put it on, let alone stand up. Kitten heels are about all I can wear and even that is too much. So flats it is for the summer; not even sandals. But since that’s all the rage I’m in luck and can finally stop wearing my moccasins and slippers everywhere I go.

My latest shoe goal is to find a new pair of running shoes as a treat for fixing my foot. I wanted to get a new pair for the half marathon last year but wanted to make sure my foot was better before spending the money on a quality pair of shoes. Even when it comes to tennis shoes I have 7 pairs already. I just can’t get enough!! I don’t know which pair is my favorite…maybe I’ll look at them today and update later.

What about you? Are you as addicted as I am?


7 thoughts on “Every Day In May – Day 2

  1. Most women are addicted to shoes, I have to say that my shoe addiction involves tennis shoes. I am super casual and I ADORE funky-looking tennis shoes 🙂 I keep my shoes in a giant bin (the seasonal ones) and the rest are strewn on the closet floor, totally disorganized!
    Hey! I am watching The Today Show and they are saying that this year is the year of the “kitten heel” and LOW high heels

    • Funky looking tennis shoes are the best! In fact some of my favorite shoes are the ones that start out as “really ugly but unique & kind of cute” and they turn into “these are the most adorable shoes.” Woo hoo for the flatter trends…my feet couldn’t handle anything else!!

  2. I wear heels a lot, but have been trying to keep my feet happy and wear flats more. It’s hard. Heels are just so sexy!

    I’m visiting from the linkup. 🙂

  3. Totally thought of you the other day I bought three pair of shoes in one day and after reading this it reminded me of you again!!

  4. Yes, I’m addicted to shoes! Like you, I love high heels but a couple years ago had a stress fracture in my foot and I’ve been transitioning to wear more flats. It’s just not the same, though. 😦

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

    • So sorry to hear about the stress fracture, foot injuries are the absolute worst! It really isn’t the same but at least flats today are really cute!

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