Reflections of an A-Z Challenge


On Tuesday I finished up the A-Z Challenge that I had done during April. I was impressed with my discipline. I had never challenged myself to post everyday before and was worried that I might fall behind or my schedule would keep me from posting. There was only one time where I fell behind due to illness.

There were several days where I was frantically trying to think of something post about. My friends gave me lots of great ideas and several of them were used. Those were some of my best posts though because I had to use creativity and wit to come up with something fun. Other days were easy because I had known exactly what I was going to write about. Then there were the days that I had something planned but realized I had not nearly as much material as I’d thought.

When the end finally came I was somewhat relieved because I was running out of ways to be clever but I was also sad because I had gotten used to blogging every day. Once I had my rhythm I realized I didn’t actually want it to end…which is how I ended up in Blog Every Day In May. I love having this challenge and finding out things about myself! I also met a lot of great bloggers who I will continue to follow and I also gained some followers of my own!

My favorite days were the following five.

And one of my favorite posts was Unexpected Unicorns written by my sister Stella. Having her as my guest blogger was fun and I got to see her writing from a new perspective. She was fun and witty yet reminiscent and it took me back to our childhood times. That post got a lot hits that day and the following!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’ll definitely do it again next year!

I’ve put all the posts on their own page under Blog Things in the header or you can click here!


16 thoughts on “Reflections of an A-Z Challenge

  1. Hi Ruby .. it’s fun isn’t it – it’s getting used to the concept .. and then just getting out there and meeting new friends … happy blogging future and we’ll be around – cheers Hilary

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