Our Frosty Paw adventure

ZuZu loves Frosty Paws. They are great treats especially in the summer but they are expensive! Over the weekend Zu and I decided to make our own. I use a lot of Cesar Milan’s recipes as the base for my treat making. As long as the ingredient is dog friendly you can add just about anything to treats. Zu eats anything fruit or vegetable; she’s really not a picky dog so she’s really easy to make treats for. My sister’s Newfie, October is allergic to everything poultry so finding healthy, tasty treats for him can be a challenge. I only used Greek yogurt and peanut butter this time because I didn’t have any bananas to add in but they go really well in treats. Next time we’ll be experimenting with new stuff. For now though here’s our really simple recipe!

Step 1: Melt 1 cup of peanut butter in microwave.
(Don’t burn it like I almost did, not a great smell.)

Melted PB
Step 2: Add in 32 ounces of Greek yogurt. My usual brand is Greek Gods but while perusing Walmart one day lurking in the aisles  looking for W  I saw that they have a brand now so I was curious about it. Unfortunately the plans I had for it went awry and it would have expired this week so I gave it to the dog instead.

Greek yogurt

Step 3: Mix together until well blended.


Step 4: Scoop mixture into trays. Depending on what size treats you would like you can use cupcake liners or ice cube trays. There are some really cute bone ice trays that I really want to get but they’re always sold out. I used my leftover Easter cupcake liners and got 14 treats.

Step 5: Let dog help clean up.

Step 6: Freeze until…well frozen. I don’t have the exact timing because I wasn’t paying attention. SORRY!


Step 7: Let your dog enjoy!

Recipe as told by ZuZu.

Step 1: Run to kitchen at sound of refrigerator opening.
Step 2: I’m not allowed in the kitchen when mom is cooking so sit outside and wag tail.
Step 3: Sniff. Microwave is beeping. Sniff, sniff. Is that for me?
Step 4: Sneak into kitchen and try to lick floor before mom catches me.
Step 5: Help mom clean utensils

Step 6: Lick out bowl.

Licking bowl

Step 7: Time for treats…wait! Why in three hours?!?


6 thoughts on “Our Frosty Paw adventure

  1. Your embarrassing escapades gave me an idea for a true short story of how I met my wife. I will start working on it this weekend and set it up as a post on my blog. Which story did you like so far? Your pictures are natural and I enjoyed them showing them to my wife. Thanks for reading my stuff and I hope you enjoyed them. More coming. Barry

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