The FURminator has ARRIVED!

The ladies received their FURminator this afternoon! They weren’t as excited as I was though. We ripped into it immediately. Chubbs chewed on the plastic while she was waiting.


Roma checking out the foreigner.

Chubbs loved it! She starts purring anytime she’s brushed. She rolled and stretched as she enjoyed a nice combing. Roma lurked in the background, having an idea that something bad was coming.

Having a great time.

Roma, on the other hand, was one feisty kitty. I had to fight just to get near her. W held her at one point and she spent the next few minutes snarling and hitting us with her tail. Eventually I gave up and let her try to hide under the table. I waited until she was at her weakest…eating dinner, laying on table, licking plastic. A little at a time is better than nothing!

Not having any of this.

Not doing a great job hiding under the chairs.

After a while even Chubbs took a page out of Roma’s book and hid in the corner. So we let them think it was over. There’s always tomorrow. 😉

I’ve had enough.

We brushed out so much fur though. It’s AMAZING! I love it!! Again, thanks to Cody & Caren at Cat Chat for our awesome win!

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And the winner is…


2 thoughts on “The FURminator has ARRIVED!

    • I was impressed with how fast it got here! Roma is still resistant but she sat for a full 3 minutes before trying to bite me. Progress!!

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