Every Day In May – Day 10


Today we’re addressing some embarrassing issues. I’m pretty laid-back about a lot of things. I make a fool of myself so often it rarely bothers me. I trip in public a lot because sometimes my feet just don’t know how to behave. In college I tripped down the stairs and my books went flying amongst everyone trying to get to class on time. Just a couple weeks ago in church I was trying to find a seat but my balance was off from my sinus infection so I wobbled to my left, tripped over the chair leg and ended up knocking the chair loose and pushing it into a family. Yes, it was a little embarrassing but quickly forgotten. There are some moments that just stick with me and no matter how much time passes I’m left wondering if the humiliation will ever pass.

Embarrassing Moment #1

When I was in college I took a class with my husband’s roommate and we sat next to each other. One morning, while sitting in class, I noticed something in my pant leg so I reached up from the bottom, yanked it out (thinking it was a dryer sheet) and tossed it on my desk while I fixed my pant leg. When I finally got around to looking at the intruding dryer sheet I realized that it was NOT a dryer sheet. Nope. I had whipped out a lacy black thong in front of Casey and had basically tossed it at him. Mortified I grabbed it and stuffed it back into my bag but the damage was already done. I spent the rest of the class trying not to look at him while he just continued to laugh at me. The worst part of the whole thong incident is I only had a couple classes every other day so most days I would come home, throw my bag by the door and forget about it. So, of course, when I went back to class a couple days later I pulled out the same stupid underwear with my books…AGAIN! Needless to say Casey never took another class with me. 🙂

Embarrassing Moment #2

My mom’s uncle passed away several years ago and I went to the funeral with her. It was cold so I was wearing pantyhose…you can probably see where this story is going. My skirt was long enough I should have noticed it had gotten tucked in the pantyhose but I was also wearing a jacket that came to mid-thigh. I don’t know how long I wandered around like that until one of my cousin’s finally came up to me and told me. Even my mom, who was standing next to me the WHOLE time, hadn’t noticed. I guess me + underwear usually makes for something bad happening.

Embarrassing Moment #3

This one was just the other day. It’s embarrassing to me but I’m not sure how many people actually noticed. One of my second cousin’s attended prom last weekend and someone (not her) posted a picture of the group. I was looking on my phone so the picture was small. I wasn’t sure which one was her so I clicked on the tag button to see who was who. Facebook was being super slow on my phone so I was clicking a whole bunch of buttons to back out and go to the news feed but somehow, accidentally, I tagged my husband as one of the people in the picture. Of course I didn’t notice this until the following afternoon when W asks why I tagged him in a picture…of people he didn’t even know. Yep. I virtually photo-bombed my cousin.

To make things better when I text my friend about my incident she replied with “I saw that picture and thought none of those people look like him but maybe he looked really different in high school.” I was crying from laughing so hard. So it had obviously shown up on his Facebook newsfeed so I’m wondering how many people saw this. Better yet I’m wondering what the person who posted the picture was thinking. My poor cousin is probably wondering why she lets her crazy relatives be her Facebook friends. I’m probably de-friended by now!

Another thing that’s embarrassing but you wouldn’t know if I wasn’t telling you…I wrote the word embarrassing 8 times and I spelled it wrong EVERY time. I always leave out the second r and though I corrected it immediately I still left it out the next 7 times I wrote it.

So those are mine….what are yours??


6 thoughts on “Every Day In May – Day 10

  1. OMG THOSE WERE HILARIOUS!!!!! The thong incident was just too funny!
    My most embarrassing moment was also in college. I was wearing panty hose (remember those?) with NO underwear….(yep, no underwear, they had cotton crotches) I was wearing a wrap-around skirt.
    I was walking down the hall when a few of my friends began pushing me into the wall. I was shocked and PISSED that they would be pushing me like that.
    Why did they do it?
    The ENTIRE BACK of my skirt was open and I was walking down the hall MOONING everyone with my exposed, panty-hosed BUTT!!
    Needless to say, I have NEVER worn a wrap-around skirt since! Oh and YES I do ALWAYS wear underwear too lol

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