Helping Hand Friday

Who wants to help a kitty in need and do some shopping at the same time! Be there on Monday! 🙂


Hello Everybody!

If you’re like me, you’ve been concerned about Leo, the kitty Savannah’s   folks are helping to underwrite the medical bills for while he’s being cared for at the Civic Feline Clinic.  Leo has Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome and is currently being fed with a feeding tube – he won’t be able to leave the clinic until he’s eating on his own.  That means MORE medical costs.   There are a lot of efforts being conducted to help out and one way is to make a donation to Contra Costa Humane Society and earmark your donation for Leo’s medical care.  

If you aren’t familiar with Leo’s story – just visit Savannah’s blog and take a look at prior posts about Leo’s tough time trying to get well.

But ANOTHER way to support the effort to help Leo is a WAY WAY WAY WAY cool auction that Mollie is having on Monday!  …

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One thought on “Helping Hand Friday

  1. Hi Ruby!!!! Thanks for reblogging my blog today – hopefully as we pass the word around there will be a LOT of interest in visiting Mollie’s Auction and Raffle to help little Leo!

    BIG Kitty Hugs and thanks, Sammy

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