Every Day In May – Day 18


Tell a story from your childhood

I can think of hundreds of childhood stories when I’m not being asked to tell them. For today I could think of NOTHING! My sister eventually gave up trying to help me ;). There was one time though that I can remember vividly so that’s what I’m going to share today.

As with most childhood memories I don’t remember exactly how old I was. Age was never a big deal unless it was your birthday and then it was a huge deal because everyone was there to give you gifts. Anyway, I was probably 4 or 5. I loved to climb on everything. My mom called me a mountain goat because I would get into places that no kid should be exploring but I had a lot of fun. On one of my ventures I came across the drinking glasses in the kitchen cupboards. Now this part is a little blurry because I don’t know if I accidentally broke something or was just being destructive that day but I remember loving the sound of the glass breaking. Which leads me to think I was probably just being destructive. So…I started taking all the glasses and breaking them in the bathtub. Where my parents were at the time, I have no idea, but I got away with it long enough to break a lot. My mom moved them to a higher cupboard in the hopes that I would a) not be able to reach them and b) give up. But there was no giving up for this determined child. I just found a way to climb even higher and get to the them. Many more glasses would meet their untimely demise. Among the victims were my sister’s prized Care Bear glass set, the ones that you collected from Pizza Hut. She had worked so hard to get those too. (When I was older I purchased a similar Care Bear set and gave them to her as a birthday present. I’m not sure she ever really forgave me for that ;)). Again this is where the memory fades because I know eventually the destruction ended. It was such a fun activity for me though and I remember that time fondly. The rest of my family doesn’t see it that same way.

Now that I’ve written that I’m starting to remember so many other memories. Hooking a sled (those big orange ones that folded out and had the blue padding on the inside) up to my bike with twine, putting ALL my stuffed animals on the back and riding around the yard. Or how for a long time I, and our cats, often sported choppy, uneven haircuts courtesy of me and my extraordinary salon talents. We looked really good, as you can see from the picture below.

IMG_2037    IMG_1945

Happy Saturday! Hopefully everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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