Every Day In May – Day 19

Five Great Blogs

I talk about a lot of different blogs on my site and I have so many that I love so today will be hard to pick just 5. So I re-named today Five Great Blogs because I don’t have just 5 favorites. Since I was recently nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award I was able show blog love for several people so if they aren’t on this list they should know I still look forward to reading their posts! I have all my favorite blogs (from all platforms) in my WordPress Reader so I can see when something new is posted and there are just some blogs that I seek out every day just to make sure WordPress hasn’t missed a post.

A blog about a little of everything including food, crafts and DOGS!
Why I love them? For starters their dogs are absolutely adorable! They are rescues which immediately means I support them. And secondly…there are some bloggers that you converse with and feel like you can relate to almost everything they say. This is one of those blogs 🙂

Little Things That Amuse Me
A blog about amusing things
Why I love them? If you’re looking for a picture, ecard, or funny phrase this is the place to find it. I can spend hours surfing through the posts (many I’ve already liked) and laughing at them.

My Life In Blog Years
“Dogs;Blogs;Musings and More”
Why I love them? Posts about cute dogs and dog products! They are also one of the hosts for Black & White Sunday which has introduced me to so many other great blogs.

Dakota’s Den / Cat Chat
A dog blog about Dakota and a cat chat with Cody.
*This is a double feature because the human belonging to the dog & cat is the same person.
Why I love them?I love reading anything about pets which is how I stumbled across Cody’s page. He’s such a cute cat and I ended up checking back one day to see what he was up to and won a FURminator, randomly of course, but since I never win anything I still think it was fate. 😉 He then introduced me to Dakota’s page.

The Misadventures of Misaki
Stories and musing of a cute Alaskan Malamute.
Why I love them?The word misadventures was what first drew me in because Zu and I are always taking part in misadventures. And now I look forward to seeing pictures of Misaki each week! She’s such a beautiful girl!

Okay that sums up five great blogs. I could keep going but that would take all day.

Safe travels to everyone returning from BlogPaws. Hopefully everyone had a great time and we get to hear about your adventures this week! Have a Happy Sunday and don’t forget to check out Zu on Black & White Sunday!


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